Does blow drying your hair make them look worse than before? Then you probably don’t know how to blow dry your hair. Read this article and check out the right way to blow dry.

How To Blow Dry Your Hair

If you have an important business meeting to attend or an important event where you have to be, nothing will tick you off more than waking up with hair that makes you look like you just had a shock therapy session. Nobody likes waking up with a bad hair day that doesn’t turn into a good one no matter how much they comb or how hard they pull them into shape. For those of you who’ve woken up to a bad hair day and tried to fix them by soaking them into water and then blow drying them off, a word of caution – doing so on a regular basis will not just dry your hair, but just might literally blow them off completely. “A bad hair day” is better than “no hair day” or “whatever that’s left of your hair day” on any given day. Regular blow drying your hair in the right way is bad enough for your hair structure, so you can only imagine what regular blow drying them in the wrong way would do to them. No matter how bad a hair day we might have, in the end we would all like to keep our hair, rather than going bald. Continue reading about why it is important to blow dry your hair in the right way with these blow drying hair tips. Have a go.
Blow Drying Hair Tips
Shampoo and Condition
Don’t just wet your hair by soaking them into a bucket full of water. Shampoo properly, massaging your scalp and every centimeter of your hair. Use a moisturizing shampoo if you have or use your regular one. Rinse it off properly. After you’re done with the shampoo, apply a good quality conditioner on your hair and let it stay there for a good 2 minutes. It is for maintaining the moisture balance in your hair roots since hair drying evaporates the moisture from your hair, leaving them a little bland and dry. Till then you can either have a full bath or just stand there looking into the mirror admiring yourself. Post 2 minutes, rinse off the conditioner properly.
Towel Dry
You must towel dry your hair, before you blow dry them off. Have a nice clean towel rubbed gently against your hair and leave it wrapped around your hair for about 5 minutes. This will allow to soak up whatever extra water there is. Applying a blow dryer directly to dripping hair can make them go haywire and out of shape. Other physical damages applicable are losing out on strength and texture of the hair.
Make Sections
Before you start blow drying your hair, separate them into 6-8 sections, depending on the length of your hair. Don’t forget to untangle each section and then clip it. Dividing them into sections will make it easier and quicker to dry them off.
Blow Dry
You can now take out your blow dryer and start using it. But before you do that, make sure you hold it at least 6-8 inches away from your scalp and don’t end up blowing them off to rust. Also, make sure to use the dryer in a downward motion and not upwards as it causes more damage. Never stick to one spot for too much time if you don’t want to burn your hair. Keep orbiting around your head with the dryer for the best of effects. Also, keep running your fingers through the hair to avoid tangling them, and try to keep a little of that moisture content, don’t let drought touch your hair.
Apply Styling Product And Brush
Apply a little quantity of whatever styling product you prefer, gel or serum, on your hair and then comb them properly with either a round brush, if you prefer volume and texture, or a flat brush if you prefer straightened hair. Although, don’t use too much of that styling product lest you end up making your hair look like they are glued to your head.
With these blow drying hair tips, your hair are sure to look straight out of that magazine shot you always admired. Have a happy hair day!

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