Your nose hair is unsightly and affects your looks. Wondering how to get rid of nose hair? Find out ways for getting rid of nose hair in this article below.

How To Get Rid Of Nose Hair

Having long nose hair can be very irritating and annoying and a major turn off for both men and women. Not only do they make you look unattractive, nose hair can also prove to be itchy and make you sneeze often. The growth of the nose hair is marked by the change in the level of hormonal levels due to aging and the nose becoming more sensitive. Wondering why does it happen? While in males, it happens when there is an increase in the testosterone, in females, growth of nose hair increases due to the decrease in the hormones. To get rid of nose hair, you should never go for aggressive trimming and make the nasal passage almost clear of hair. Nasal hair, no matter how ugly do they look, is extremely important to maintain the health and well being of the body. Nose hair prevents dust and germs from entering in the body during respiration. These dust particles if inhaled can lead you towards respiratory infections. So, while trimming or cutting the nasal hair, make sure that you trim only the extended part and not the entire hair strand. Read on to how to get rid of nose hair
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Tips On Getting Rid Of Nose Hair
Adapting this method for removing unwanted nose hair can be very painful but works well. Before using a pair of tweezers, clean them with astringent, lest your nose gets troubled with infections. Pluck the unwanted hair from its root. Though the method is a painful one, regular plucking makes the unwanted hair growth lesser. However, be very careful while tweezing. Use magnifying glasses to clearly locate the hair.
Using a pair of scissors is the most popular, easy and convenient method to cut down the length of nose hair, which is longer than usual. Make sure you clean the same with astringent before using, as infections and contamination is the last thing you want to get inflicted with while getting rid of the nose hair. Be careful while using scissor and keep it away from the skin, lest you hurt yourself
Hair Removal Cream
A lot of nasal hair removal creams are available in the market these days which are safe and help in easy removing of unwanted nose hair. However, choose one that is made up of natural ingredients, as chemical ones can be reactive and may cause irritation. Also, for those with sensitive skin, the chemicals can cause itchiness. Apply the cream very carefully only on the unwanted hair till the directed time.
If you want to get rid of the nose hair without removing them, bleaching is the best option. Apply any bleaching lotion for nasal hair for about 10 minutes and watch the difference. The hair will take the color of the skin and thus, be less visible. As such, you can get rid of the unsightly hair without really removing them.
Trimmers are easily available in any pharmacy and are cheap. They are of two types, rotary and oscillating blade. Use the trimmer in a circular fashion to trim down the unwanted hair. Continue the process till you remove all the unwanted and irritating hair. Use a mirror for extra care. When you are done, blow your nose hard into a tissue so that the remaining trimmings also come out.
Additional Tips
  • The perfect time to get rid of your nose hair is after a shower/bath. During this time, the hair becomes soft and is easy to pull out.
  • If you have sensitive skin, bleeding may take place. However, do not get worried. Instead, just take a cotton ball and wipe out the blood. Thereafter, apply an antiseptic lotion.
  • Use magnifying glass while removing unwanted hair. This would help you have a clearer picture of the inside of your nose.
  • If your nose is still creating a problem with unwanted hair, you can go for laser hair removal surgery.
  • The pressure applied on the trimmer should not be much as it may lead to bleeding. 
Choose the best option suitable for you from these ways given above to get rid of nose hair.

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