If you are wondering how to do a curly weave, then help is at hand. Curly weave hairstyles are simple and easy. Try the following tips to curly weave hair and look gorgeous!

How To Do A Curly Weave

Tired of the same boring hairstyle? If you are looking for a radically different look (temporarily), then try the curly weave. Curls always look playful, casual and full of life! Different types of curls tend to give a different dimension to your appearance. For example, soft curls look romantic – many a starlets in the tinsel town have supported the soft curls. If you want a Bohemian look, go for the semi tight curls. A tight curl will give you the sexy Afro look. Decide which will be best suited for your face cut and personality and go for it. Even if you are not naturally blessed with curls, today’s world, where nothing is impossible, offers you a plethora of options to experiment. A hair extension is all you need to get your dream hairstyle. Read this article to learn how to do a curly weave.

Tips To Curly Weave Hair

  • Begin by washing your hair and dry it completely. Use a blow drier or towel dry it as damp hair curling is not advisable.
  • There are two types of hair extensions available in the market. The natural ones include human hair and, rarely, horse hair, while the synthetic extensions which are cheaper are mostly made up of plastic. The former can be wet and curled normally by using curling irons. The latter smells of plastic and gets easily burnt when curled using hot curlers. Take extra care when you are attempting to curl the plastic extensions.
  • Choose the hair extension keeping in mind your own hair colour. If you want a bright blue or red, and if you think that you can carry it off with ease and style, then you should totally go for it. Otherwise, choose a colour nearer to your own natural hair colour so that the extension blends in and looks a comfortable part of your crown hair.
  • Clip the hair or tie a ponytail for the hair you don’t want to disturb, for e.g., if you have bangs, then you probably would not want to stick a curly weave on it. Clip these bangs before you get to work with the rest of the hair so that they stay as they are.
  • Ensure the lock of hair is of the same length as the rest of your hair. If it is not, then cut out the extra length.
  • Make a partition in the hair where you want to insert the lock of hair extension. Take the extension and apply glue at the base of the extension. Don’t ever put the glue on your scalp or hair. Press the lock of hair to the hair on your head. For a stronger grip gel your hair before sticking the extensions.
  • Repeat this procedure for all the extensions. And gently loosen the normal hair that you had earlier clipped or tied up.
  • Gently run your fingers through the hair and avoid combing.
  • If you are curling the human hair extension then avoid curling repeatedly with curling irons otherwise the hair would damage permanently. Use rollers instead!
  • Also, keep the curling rods to the lowest heat setting possible – harsh temperatures make extensions frizzy and make them look unnatural.
  • If you are curling synthetic extensions then dip their ends in a bowl of hot water, roll them into rollers and leave them overnight.
  • If you want to keep the curly weave hairstyle for a day or two then sleep with your shower cap on.
With the instructions and the tips above, you are good to go! Carry the curly weave hairstyle with confidence and enjoy all the compliments that pour in from all sides.

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