Are you game for some fab tattoo work on your arm and are looking for tattoo sleeve ideas? Here’s the pool of popular sleeve tattoo ideas that you were looking for.

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

“Skin is In” and the widespread popularity of tattoos proves it beyond doubt. Tattoos are no more a mere art from on the skin; they indicate the attitude or the outlook of the person wearing them. Tattoo lovers are getting themselves tattooed all over the arms, legs, back and front. A sleeve tattoo refers to that form of tattoo art which completely covers the skin in a particular area of the arm and leaves little or no skin showing. It could also be partial and cover only the wrist or the back of the arm and it could also engulf the entire arm. A full sleeve tattoo is beguiling as it gives a large canvas for the art work and hence offers more creative freedom. However, a small design like the one in a quarter sleeve tattoo can also be a head-turner.  You can flaunt it when you want and hide them under your outfit when you don’t. These sleeve tattoo ideas are galore for both men and women. If you are up for some commitment to sleeve tattoo, then read on to find some great ideas.
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Popular Sleeve Tattoo Ideas
Tribal Tattoos
Throughout recorded history, tribal tattoos have had various purposes but the main purpose was identifying members of a particular tribe. The term ‘tribal’ covers an astonishing array of tattoo design possibilities, from the traditional tribal tattoos of native and indigenous cultures to the latest in graphic design for the body. A trip to your local tattoo parlor would help you with a number of examples of this simple yet exciting tattoo genre. Tribal tattoos are popular for both men and women. While men show off their biceps and triceps with tribal dragon tattoos,scorpion tribal tattoos or wolf tattoos; women can flaunt their well-toned arms with tribal flower tattoos, like the rose tattoo.
Celtic Tattoos
If you don’t want to be too loud with your tattoo coverage, then you can go for some quarter sleeve tattoo with a celtic theme. Celtic tattoos include celtic knots, celtic crosses, spirals, animal interlace etc. Celtic knots are a genre of complex interwoven lines representing knots, mazes, spirals and other figures. While selecting a pattern for a Celtic tattoo theme, please ensure that the lines are not too close together. At least 1cm gap should be maintained between lines for the tattoo to come out neat.
Japanese Tattoos
Japanese tattoos can be simple or sophisticated in style; yet are very pleasing aesthetically and can carry a lot of significance for the wearer. They are known for their bold lines, historic patterns, imagery and of course, total body coverage. They are all about symbolism. Koi sleeve tattoos, Japanese dragon, Hanya masks, religious sleeve tattoo designs, Kanji symbol tattoos, symbols of Qilin, cherry blossoms, lotus and Koi fish patterns are some of the common ideas for Japanese tattoo sleeves.
Butterfly Tattoos
Due to the feminine touch and fragile elegance that they carry, butterfly tattoos are very popular among young girls and women. These brightly colored adornments also hold symbolic meanings. A butterfly tattoo stands for love, good luck and hence, goes with the idea of femininity.
Floral Tattoos
Besides butterfly tattoos, flower tattoos are another very popular tattoo forms among women. The most common floral tattoo would include the rose and lotus flowers; occasionally surrounded by butterflies, humming birds, stars and swirls. While the color red in a flower represents love and romance; white symbolizes purity and innocence and coral denotes desire.
Now, that you have an idea of the different tattoo options, does it inspire you to get your own? Pick the tattoo idea that goes with your style statement. Good luck!

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