Curly perm hairstyles are all about the perm and the way you carry off the same. Plough through this article to know more on the types of curly perm hairstyles.

Curly Perm Hairstyles

If there’s one hairstyle that can grab as much attention, if not more attention than the poker straight look, it has to got to be the perm. Ever wondered what a perm is? You may have seen it on a thousand women, but it may have never struck you that that’s what you call a perm. Well, to throw light on the definition of a perm, it's nothing but hair that is artificially curled or made to look as wavy as it can possibly look. The processes attached with helping a woman getting a perm all fall under the large wingspan of the ‘perm’. Make a move and read on to come across knowhow on four of the most popular curly perm hairstyles. While you may always choose to believe that straight hair or even poker straight hair looks the best, you can never deny that the perm exudes a charm that cannot be beaten by most, if not all of the other hairstyles.

Types Of Curly Hairstyles

Body Wave Perm
This hairstyle obviously draws its inspiration from the perm look. This hairstyle is also pretty basic when it comes to how intricate and detailed perm hairstyles can get. The body wave perm is stylized with a slight wave and is best suited for those women who are looking for the curly haired look with more volume. Apart from adding quite a lot of volume to your hair, the body wave perm is also capable of adding more movement to your hair. If you happen to have naturally straight hair, you will end up with large curls if you choose to try out the body wave perms look. If you have naturally curly hair, then your hair will look a lot curlier than it did before the body wave perm look.

Multi-Textured Perm
This style is all about acquiring natural looking curls. The multi-textured perm look uses ‘unnatural’ methods to help you get to natural looking curls. For this process, small and large perm rods are used to create extremely natural looking curls. If you want the perm look, but don’t want your locks to look too worked upon, then the multi textured perm look is the safest way to go.

Root Perms
This style of adding curls to your hair is all about working on the roots of the same. Here, the element of ‘lift’ is actually added to the roots of the hair, making the root perm hairstyle ideal for women with flat and short hair. This helps do away with the myth that the perm look is only for those women with extremely long hair. However, this does not mean that you can aim for the root perm with extremely short hair.

Spiral Perm
The spiral perm, out of all the curly perm hairstyles, is quite a complex one. The success of the spiral perm would absolutely depend on the chemicals used to achieve the look, the width of the rod and lastly the expertise and experience of your hairstylist. To acquire this look, your hairstylist will have to use long perm rods on your hair. Once your hairstylist is done with this, the end result should be a whole lot of curls that are blessed with bounce and volume. It is important to mention here that spiral curls are tight and can peep out from quite a number of directions.

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