Tired of hair fall? Looking for ways to prevent hair breakage? Fret not! Read on to know all about how to stop hair breakage.

How To Stop Hair Breakage

“Hair today, gone tomorrow” is the morbid fear that most of us live in. With the age clock ticking at a steady pace, do the chances of a bald shiny head in the near future seem like a grotesque prospect? Actor Lisa Ray sported a sexy bald head in the movie ‘Water’; however, you sporting one is going to get you nothing close to critical acclaim! Hair is that wonderful natural accessory that defines you, a reminder of those wonderful moments; of those playful moments with a loved one; of faces buried in luscious long locks; of delicate fingers curling up black long strands, in the act of seducing the observer with a casual glance. The very thought of not having that wonderful asset is a nightmare for most people. Are you too scared of parting away from your lovely locks? Does your hair seem to have thinned down considerably in the recent times? Do you dread taking a shower, as the strands of hair making a puddle below the sink have exceeded the norm! Do you also notice a patch of the scalp that is slowly trudging towards baldness? If your answer to even one of the questions is a “yes”, then it is high time you do something about it! Here are a few tips that will help stop hair breakage! 
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Prevent Hair Breakage
  • One of the most common reasons for hair breakage is aging. With age, the hair follicles become weak, thereby resulting in hair breakage. However, hair breakage these days is seen in younger people too, because of over styling. Excessive blow drying, shampooing, chemical hair treatments including perms and relaxers are all reasons for hair breakage. Steer clear from these to avoid hair fall.
  • Hair dyes and cheap quality hair color can also make the hair excessively dry and cause hair breakage. While choosing hair dyes, make sure you buy ones which are free of ammonia and are enhanced with natural proteins and vitamins.
  • The best way of combating dry hair is moisturizing it. Hair can be moisturized by using a conditioner after shampooing. Natural oils such as coconut oil and almond oil when heated and used moisturize the hair and provide the hair with essential nutrients like vitamin E.
  • People with dry hair should avoid daily shampooing. Herbal shampoos with natural ingredients are best for dry and curly hair. Regular oiling and conditioning can minimize the dryness, thus helping solve the hair fall problem.
  • The very act of brushing the hair when not done right can cause hair breakage. Rough combing or brushing the hair, when it is wet, can cause excessive breakage. Always remove the tangles by using a wide toothed comb. While combing hair, start from the end to remove the knots and tangles and then gradually work your way up.
  • Regular trimming is one of the best ways to ensure reduction in hair breakage. If you do not trim your hair regularly, the follicles at the hair ends get thinner and results in split ends, which leads to hair breakage.
  • It is believed that a woman, who doesn’t know which hairstyle suits her, doesn’t know who she is! It is essential that you pick a hairstyle that is convenient and suits you the best. Cutting your hair short is the best solution to give the impression of increased volume. Besides, shorter hair is even comparatively easier to maintain.
  • A healthy diet also goes a long way in ensuring good hair. Make sure your diet includes loads of fresh vegetables and fruits! Eat at regular intervals and drink loads of water. Apart from vitamins and minerals, your diet should also include protein and calcium rich foods like egg and milk.

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