No one can deny that a blonde haired woman is more noticeable than the rest! If you wish to go blonde, browse through this article and check out the blonde hair color ideas.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

It is no secret that majority of the men on the prowl have a strong fetish for the conventional blonde haired dames. For decades and decades, blonde colored hair has been infinitely popular and desirable and it would indeed be a blatant lie to say blonde hairstyles aren’t sexy and attention grabbing. Maybe not everyone can pull off a Marilyn Monroe look, but if you have been gifted with lovely blonde tresses, don’t hesitate to try out different hairstyles that will, undoubtedly, steal the spotlight. On the other hand, if you’ve never had the blonde experience and would like to, you would be delighted to learn that hair dye manufacturers have extended pallet of blonde shades to a larger plethora. One of the shades for this wide variety is bound to match your complexion and face structure. Adding blonde hues and lowlights would definitely give your hair a funkier look and a striking glow to your face. Keep reading to encounter a few useful blonde hair color ideas.
Ideas For Blonde Hair Color
Platinum Blonde
This shade is absolutely sexy and can be attributed to the whitish tinge which is different from the blonde that we usually see. For all the ladies who boast of a fair skin complexion, the platinum blonde shade is ideal as there needs to be fine balance between skin complexion and hair coloration. Use dark smokey eye make-up as the combination is said to be spectacular!
Dirty And Funky Blonde
Dirty blonde hair color is rather different from the habitual blonde shades, but is terrific nonetheless! Dirty blonde has a very visible brownish influence and creates an overall cooler experience. Preferably, a woman with fair or subtly tanned skin is the apt candidate for this shade of blonde. It’s funkier than ever and must be experimented with various hairstyles. Dirty blonde curls are simply gorgeous!
Golden Blonde
Golden shades of blonde look stunning on several ladies. In fact, golden blonde shades possess the power to convert an ordinary girl into a lovely angel look-a-like. A lady with moderately fair skin or a slight tan would be perfect for this kind of blonde colored hair!  Be it straight, wavy or curly, golden blonde tops it all! Dye your beautiful tresses in this shade and admire your brand new sun-kissed look!
Strawberry Blonde
This shade is not very popular, but is gradually gaining a few nods from here and there. Not everybody can carry it off well, but it is, without a doubt, an original and fun shade. It exudes warmth, which is best synchronized with an individual with a warm type of complexion. This mixture of red and blonde is fascinating and looks trendy when sported by younger women. Pink highlights with light blonde hair are also a great strawberry look that exudes a very youthful presence. Dark strawberry blonde dyes with intense auburn undertones work really well for adults sporting curly locks.
Extra Funky Blonde Hair Ideas
Classy lowlights promises to enhance the groovy new blonde look. Try black highlights with the platinum blonde shades or even the dark strawberry shade. Add a few caramel honey highlights in and around your bush of blonde tresses. Lowlights of toffee, bronze or beige color works extremely well with soft curls. It is advisable that you consult a renowned hairstylist to get your hands on the best blonde hair color that complements your skin tone and eye color.

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