While blonde hair is attractive in its own, adding a few highlights can bring in the perfect oomph factor. Navigate through this write up to find out highlight ideas for blonde hair.

Blonde Highlights

Sporting light brown hair or even dark blonde hair is a great idea for the summer season. And if you are a natural blonde, then you should thank God for those gorgeous tresses. But plain blonde hair simply looks flat and unnatural. Why not add a ton of depth and beauty to your hair by getting some highlights done? A pretty and easy method to liven up your sun-kissed, blonde locks! Highlights add in the long-desired oomph factor and dramatic appearance to the look. But choosing the right kind of highlights can prove to be a confusing task. Whether to go for thick or thin highlights? Should they be lighter or darker than your hair color? So here are some ideas for picking the right highlight color for your sheer blonde hair. Go for them and flaunt lovely, beautiful and falling tresses.
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Highlight Ideas For Blonde Hair
Go For Contrasts
To add depth and look to your hair, go for contrasting shades. If you have dark blonde hair, then adding just a few dark highlights will do the job as you do not have to re-dye your hair. Also, depending upon the degree of change you want to flaunt to your hair, you can opt for different highlights. For example, for a dramatic look, you should choose from red on blonde, black on blonde, low lights, or frosted highlights. These will give an edgier and daring result. However, for a subtle and soft appearance, opt thin, lighter colored highlights or “peek-a-boo” highlights.
Complement Your Skin Tone
Picking the right highlight color largely depends on your skin tone. If you are a natural lighter gal, keep away from too dark shades. Choose light brown or reddish highlights if you wish to go dramatic or else, you can sport think brown streaks for a delicate look. But if you are daring enough to try dark shades, prefer chocolate brown colors, instead of extremely dark highlights. For warm skin tones, try out caramel, light gold, bronze, violet based, or auburn colors, and for cool skin tones, choose from ash, beige, wheat, or taupe shades.
Get Adventurous
If you feel those delicate and soft shades are for next-door and shy girls, bring out your daring and adventurous self by experimenting with bold and attractive colors. How about giving your blonde some shades of lavender for a sophisticated and modern look? Since yellow and purple complement blonde hair, taking a different route can add a touch of sophistication and class, creating a niche for you amongst the crowd.
Choose Multi-Shades
If adding a single bold or soft color does not do the trick of creating an edge over others, then multi-colored highlights are exactly what you are looking for. Get original and sport an eclectic look with thin multihued highlights, while for a more natural look, thick colorful highlights will work well. Instead of opting for permanent colors, choose semi permanent hair dye, for you can reverse the process easily if you wish to change your hair color or are unsatisfied with the kind of shades your hair stylist has given you. Another great way of highlighting your blonde hair is the frosting highlighting method wherein only the ends of your hair are dyed. Quite a flexible and sporty hairstyle, indeed!

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