If a man uses face wash, it doesn’t mean he’s feminine, it only means that he cares about how he looks. Plough through this article to know how to apply a men’s face wash.

Face Wash For Men

Gone are the days when only women cared about how pretty or beautiful they looked. Don’t be surprised, but men too have started to give a lot of importance to their looks, sometimes maybe even more than women do. However, for men it is not about looking pretty, it is really about looking handsome, clean and fresh. Talking about looking handsome, clean and fresh, hardly anything comes close to achieving these objectives than a good face wash from the labs of a reputable company. Nonetheless, with men and face washes, there really is just one big problem. In spite of myriad options in the market, men manage to find themselves a good face wash, but almost always mess up when it comes to the application of the same. You, however, don’t need to repeat the mistakes of a thousand other men. You have been given the opportunity to actually discover valuable guidance on how to best apply a face wash. Go right on ahead and read through the rest of the section below to find out how.

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How To Apply Face Wash

You Will Need
  • Clean Water
  • Face Wash
  • Clean and Dry Towel
  • You can begin by getting yourself to a tap that is known for the ‘clean’ water that comes out of it. As soon as you are at the tap, open it and as the water flows out, gather a little in your hands and start washing your face. Do this until you are sure your face is clean.
  • Alternately, instead of just using water to wash your face, you can use a mild soap along with the water. However, you will have to make it a point to not use too much of soap. The purpose of using the soap is to only ensure that your face is clean enough to use face wash on it.
  • Once you are done with washing your face with water or water and soap, it’s time for you to move on to the face wash. You can start by emptying a coin size portion of face wash onto both your hands. Make sure you empty just a ‘coin size portion of face wash on your hands’. Anything more is not needed and anything less will just not do. Most men tend to use too much of face wash or too less of the same. You, however, can feel free to use just two coin size portions of face wash on your face. This should just fine.
  • Add a drop or two of water to the coin size portions of face wash on your palms and rub your palms together. With this, you should have worked up a mild lather in your palms. However, if there is no lather, it doesn’t mean you are doing it all wrong. Face washes differ from brand to brand. Some come with a lot of lather and some don’t.
  • In any case, whatever it is you see on your palms, lathery face wash or not-so-lathery-face wash, apply it evenly onto your face and your neck. Once you are done doing this wait for thirty seconds or for a minute before actually going ahead and washing away the face wash.
  • When you are washing away the face wash, make it a point to not stop washing it away until you are sure the same has completely ‘left’ the confines of your neck and face. You can use clean water from the tap to wash away the face wash.
  • Now that you are done washing away the face wash, get yourself a clean, dry and soft towel to pat your face dry. Turkish towels work best to achieve the objective of patting your face dry. With the successful implementation of all the steps enumerated above, you should be looking at your glowing face in the mirror.

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