Why would you want to try unnatural methods to exfoliate your skin when natural methods are the best and safest? Read your way through this article to know how to naturally exfoliate skin.

How To Exfoliate Skin

When you are looking to provide your skin with much needed exfoliation, commercial products are what you usually zero in on. However, the question that lies nestled in the heart of the matter is if these products are safe? Are they even capable of delivering half of what they promise? Chances are that these products most probably can’t and in any case they really are the next best thing. The best things, however, are those masks and rubs that are sourced directly from nature. As far as cosmetology goes, you really want to stay as natural and clean as possible. Go right on ahead and read on to gain access to natural ways of exfoliating your skin. These methods of exfoliation are guaranteed to help you make the journey from lifeless skin to skin that looks like it can actually compete with the shimmer of the sun! This as good as the truth and you can feel free to put it to the test.

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Exfoliating Skin 

For Facial Skin
If there’s one place where almost everyone wants to have skin that looks exfoliated, it’s got to be the skin that dominates the face. For glowing and exfoliated facial skin, you will have to soak a washcloth in whole milk for five or ten minutes. Then, proceed to drape the milk soaked wash cloth over your face. Leave the cloth on your face for five minutes or so. Once the five minutes is done with, you can take the cloth off, rinse it out and remove any milk from your face with the same cloth. This becomes a blessing in disguise when the lactic acid in the milk exfoliates your skin. The fat in the milk will also play a pivotal role in making your facial skin look good by providing it with much needed moisture. 

For The Whole Body
The whole body here stands to signify every part of your body other than your face. You can put together an exfoliating package by adding three to four tablespoons of sugar to around three-fourth of a cup of olive oil. Stir both the ingredients well until it looks like the sugar has completely merged with the olive oil. You can then apply this sugar and olive oil mixture onto your skin. It works especially well for people with dry skin. You also do not need to worry about the olive oil in the ‘beauty mixture’ clogging your pores. This is because olive oil as an ingredient for cosmetic purposes has this unique property of ensuring that pores don’t get clogged by it. For best results with this mixture, leave it on for an hour before going in for a shower. Lastly, when you have this mixture on your skin, make it a point to stay away from anthills or any other structure ants are known to inhabit, it can prove to be quite a nightmare!

For Your Feet
Look down at your feet, do they look rough or exhibit close resemblance to the terrain of the Grand Canyon? Well, if they do, you probably have bad looking feet and need to do something about it. You can begin setting the problem right by using a pumice stone on your feet while taking a bath or in the shower. It is best to use a pumice stone on your feet when they are wet or soapy. With regular use of the pumice stone on your feet, you are guaranteed to get feet that look a lot better than they used to.

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