Do you often wonder what will bring a glow back to your skin? Here’s a quick look at some exfoliating products which will help you expose the healthy, soft, smooth skin under all those dead cells.

Exfoliating Products

Radiant, glowing skin is the first step to looking great. Each one of us yearns for skin with a luminescent glow. We try a number of expensive creams, lotions, facial treatments to get that glow back to our skin, but often with negligible results. One of the cheapest and most effective ways to get a youthful glow is by exfoliating your skin using exfoliating products. Exfoliation is a process which scrubs off dead skin cells in order to expose young, fresh skin. This shedding process clears the clogged pores, keeps the skin clean and also helps reduce pimples, blackheads and acne breakouts. There are a number of exfoliating products available in the market which leave you in a dilemma as to which product to choose. This article makes work easier for you by providing the best types of exfoliating products available.
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Skin Exfoliating Products
Facial Masks
One of the most famous types of exfoliating products is the facial mask which is available for all types of skin. There are also facial masks such as the mud mask. These mud masks offer a number of benefits such as oil control. Once you wash out the mud mask, it will leave you with a non-sticky face and a healthy glow for people to admire.
Exfoliating Cleanser
Exfoliating cleanser is the mildest of all exfoliating products. It is nothing but a cleanser with some exfoliate mixed in it. Salt or a product of the same hardness and size of a grain that helps get rid of dead skin cells and clears pores, can be called an exfoliate. The effectiveness and intensity of exfoliation will depend on the ratio of exfoliate to the cleanser.
Facial Scrubs
Facial scrubs are good exfoliating products for the face. A simple facial scrub can be prepared by mixing together 2 tsp of sugar and a few drops of olive oil and making a paste out of the mixture. You can apply this paste over the creases around your eyes and rinse it with lukewarm water after some time to get rid of dead cells. You can also try out exfoliating scrubs like ‘tropical paradise’ and ‘chocolate scrubs’ offered by some spas. For the tropical scrub all you need to do is use ingredients like shredded coconut, sugar, essential oils of mango, and fruit fibres from mango, papaya and guavas. For a chocolate exfoliating product you can make use of cocoa powder, grated chocolate and coffee for a mocha effect. Soothing herbs like lavender and orange or some refreshing ingredients like salt and essential oils of lime and mint can also make excellent exfoliating scrubs.
Mud Masks
One of the varieties of facial masks is the mud mask. It will help you get rid of oil deposits in skin pores and is therefore one of the best exfoliating products. There are a number of mud masks available in the market, but you can even make one at home. Use honey and egg yolk with clay powder to form a refreshing mud mask. Mix these ingredients in water and apply the paste on your face and neck. Let it dry for half an hour and then rinse it well and pat dry. Honey will help soften the skin while clay powder will absorb excess of oil from your face. Clay powder is the most essential of all ingredients to form a mud mask.
Pumice Soap
Pumice soap is an inexpensive exfoliating product. It is a bar soap which includes granulated volcanic ash particles that scrub hard on the skin to loosen the dead cells. Pumice soap also scrubs out extra oil from your face, leaving the pores clean and giving you a polished look. The only disadvantage of this soap is that you need to scrub a lot in order to get a good lather.
Exfoliating Gloves
Exfoliating gloves are reusable nylon gloves that are more suitable for women, but can also be used by men. You need to put them on and gently rub the cleanser over your face. The massaging motion of the gloves will not only scrub out the dead skin cells, but will also improve blood circulation and open up pores. Make sure that you use the gloves to massage in a top to bottom position.
An abrasive sponge or a loofa can work in a similar way on your skin as a glove does. Sponge is however more effective than exfoliating gloves as it helps in whipping the exfoliating cleanser into a richer lather that will get deep into the pores and the skin’s upper layers.

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