You can never really get the ‘Goth’ look without makeup, makeup really is a must. Swing through this article for enlightening instructions on how to do Goth makeup!

Goth Makeup

The best part about Goth makeup is that it can be worn by both men and women. However, with Goth makeup, there are details, that if missed can make a man look like a woman and maybe even vice-versa. Thus, in spite of Goth makeup being as versatile as it is, you are still expected to know how exactly to wear it. Goth makeup, however, is not just about makeup. It is about so much more. When you wear Goth makeup, you are just not wearing makeup; you are also making yourself a part of a lifestyle, a part of an attitude and most importantly a part of a large group of like-minded individuals. When you wear Goth makeup, provided you have the attitude, you instantly become a part of a large group of individuals who may just have more than a rebellious streak in them. Go ahead and read on to gain access to valuable instructions on how to get the Goth look!

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How To Do Goth Makeup
  • Begin by finding yourself quality foundation and face powder. Here, you will have to zero in on foundation and powder that are two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. While some people may think that looking Goth is all about looking unnaturally white, this is hardly the case. To truly achieve the Goth look, you will have to focus on looking pale as opposed to looking artificially white. Thus, you will have to start off by first applying foundation and then powder. Make it a point to not go overboard with both of these key ingredients for the Goth look!
  • You can now proceed to apply dark eye shadow. The men can try out grey, a darker tone of red, black and brown. All of these colors work best for a man trying to acquire the Goth look. For the women, mixing dark hues can do wonders by adding much needed drama to their overall look.
  • As far as eye liners go, using a dark eye liner is really your safest bet. For best results with eye liners, both men and women can try black liquid eyeliners. Black liquid eyeliners, from time immemorial, have been the most popular weapon of choice for those people looking to carry off the Goth look with charm. However, if you are not too keen on using black liquid eyeliner, you can feel free to zero in on jewel tones and white liquid eyeliners as well. It is important to mention here that when you use eyeliner you just have to make it a point to steer clear of overdone designs. Being original is really the way to go.
  • To finish off makeup on the eyes, you can go right ahead and use heavy mascara. For that perfect Goth look, if your eyeliner and eye shadow are black, you can opt for a red mascara or even blue mascara. As for your eyelashes, if you don’t really have much to boast about, you can feel free to opt for quality and good looking fake eyelashes.
  • For your lips, you can use matte lipstick. Black and blood red are universally acceptable, while dark and darker shades of blue and purple can’t be ignored too. So, as far as the color of your lipsticks goes, try your best to stick to any one of these colors.
  • This one step can be followed by the women only. However, if you are a man and have no qualms about painting your nails, you can feel free to follow this instruction too. You can begin by painting your nails and ensuring they match the color of your lips. For example, if you are wearing black lipstick, you will have to paint your nails black as well. For your nails, try your best to stay away from bright colors. The general rule of thumb here is to use darks colors on your nails, and breaking the rule may result in a look that is not too close to the Goth look!

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