Why apply tons and tons of makeup, when nude makeup can look so much better? Swing through this article for tips on applying nude makeup.

Nude Makeup

There are women who apply loads and loads of makeup and falsely believe that it makes them look good and sophisticated. This, however, is hardly true. In a world where people are obsessed with less, it does not make sense to overdose on makeup. Just look around you. Phones, computers, cars, purses, bags and of course waistlines, the smaller the better, the lesser the merrier! It’s as good as a way of life. Gone are the days when men with bulging biceps got all the girls, it’s the lean and mean looking males who are always getting lucky with the women these days! Apply this logic to makeup, and it won’t surprise you that when you apply less makeup or go in for the ‘nude’ look, you are really getting more out of your makeup. Go ahead and read on to gain access to valuable tips which can help you get the best out of the nude look!

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Tips On Applying Nude Makeup
  • Nude makeup revolves around the principle ‘less is more’. So, here you have actually got to use less to get more out of the look. When working on your eyes, for best results with the intricacies of nude makeup, swipe on a little mascara using the right makeup tool. If you are applying nude makeup before stepping out for the night, you can try out the smoky look on your eyes. This look works especially well during the night and can almost guarantee to make you the main attraction of the party you plan on heading to.
  • Most women think that using a lip liner is okay when opting for the ‘nude’ look. This, on the contrary, is hardly true. Why is it so? This is because when you are really going in for the nude makeup look, using a lip liner destroys the whole point in going in for the look. Lip liners look harsh and deprive your lips of their natural beauty which is exactly why you should stay away from using them.
  • You can make your eyes look so much better when you go in for champagne hues. How do you achieve this look? Simple really, all you have got to do is gently sweep a cream highlighter over your cheekbones. You can also gently powder eye shadow across your eye lids.
  • If at all you choose to stay away from lipsticks and lip glosses for your lips, you need to make up for the lack of makeup on your lips by focusing more on your eyes. To achieve this objective, you can go right ahead and apply loads of mascara onto your eyes. However, make it a point to do so aesthetically. As for the foundation, you can use one that is light and transparent. Apply the foundation evenly while making it a point to not use too much of it. You are now good to go!
  • If you are looking to show off your truly gorgeous lips, you can do so using a lip brush and dabbing it into the lipstick. Once you are done with dabbing the lip brush into the lipstick, you can go ahead and apply it onto your lips. When you do this, it will look like you have too much lipstick on your lips, but you can set the whole issue right by blotting the extra lipstick away with the assistance of a tissue. Now, very cautiously re-apply the lipstick all over again. This will help it stay on for a lot longer. Lastly, when choosing lipstick shades, remember to stay away from the dark shades!

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