Perm can give straight hair a curly look. Read below to know more on perming hairstyles.

Perm Hairstyles

Curly hair is less common than straight hair and this makes it more attractive to many women. And with good reason too. The curls give the overall look a new style that is as beautiful as waves flowing in the ocean. Indeed, curls in the hair have set many hearts to flutter! So, if you want to style your hair with those ravishing curls, then you should perm your hair to give that look. Permanent wave, better known as perm is a hair styling method which involves the breaking down of the hair bonds using certain chemicals and then giving it a curly and wavy look. The chemical relaxes the bond in the inner structure of the hair and so it becomes easier to form the curl. The relaxed bonds are then reformed to keep the curling in place. Though it is called a permanent wave, the curls last for only about five to six months. After perming, it is very necessary that you take good care of the hair at least for two days. Otherwise, the reformed bonds will break and the curls will loosen. If you want to know more on perm hairstyles, then read the article further.


Types Of Perm Hairstyle
To get the perfect perm you should first know what the perm can do to your hairstyle. Depending upon your choice, you can use a perm in a variety of ways.

  • For a natural look some area of the hair is permed and the rest is left as it is. This perm style is also known as a spot or weave perm.
  • If the hair is flat then a root perm can be used to add lift to the hair roots.
  • Sometimes only the bottom half of the hair is permed. This style is known as the stack perm.
  • Spiral perm gives a Botticelli curl to the hair. In this process, the hair is wound around long rods.  
  • When large rollers are used to perm, it gives the hair more volume, which is known as body perm.
  • To get conditioned and flexible curls, one can go for acid perms. This perm is best for those whose hair is sensitive, fragile or tinted.
  • For strong and firm curls, alkaline perm is the best. To go for this style the hair should be strong and resistant.
Techniques Of Perm Hairstyle
  • Before perming, the hair should be washed thoroughly. This will open up the cuticles and so the perming solution can enter the hair shaft quickly.
  • The lotion loosens the fiber-like cells in the inner layer of the hair, which makes it easier to give a new shape to hair. This is done by stretching and holding in place the hair over a perming rod or curlers.
  • The hair is then wound around the curlers or rod and more perming lotion is applied. Then depending on the condition and texture of the hair, the perm is left for a period of time to develop. Generally it takes about two to four hours for the perm to set.
  • After the perm has set, another lotion known as a neutralizer is applied to reform the new shape of the hair. The neutralizer is responsible for producing the wave or curl.
  • The size of the curler is responsible for the type of curl that one gets. For tighter curls, the curler should be small. Medium and large curlers can produce looser curls.
  • For the next 48 hours after perming, the hair should be treated with care as the hair is vulnerable to damage. Avoid brushing, combing, washing or blow drying the hair during this period.

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