Are you bored of wearing the same hairstyle every time? If yes, then jazz up your look with some easy hair updos. Read on to learn different ideas on easy hair updos.

Easy Hair Updos

Are you bored of wearing the same old ponytail everyday to work? If yes, then you can just experiment a little with your hair and try different updos to look stylish. You don’t need to spend hours on the chair of your hairstylist in order to sport a new hair updo. Using a regular comb, a mirror, and a few hair accessories, you can create different types of updos of your own at absolutely no cost. You can do a simple hairdo just before going out for an evening party or for work. It doesn’t really matter if your hair is long or short, straight or wavy; you can updo your hair to suit your style. If you are still wondering which easy updo will suit your long cascade, or if you are bored with your frizzy hair and want a change of hairstyle, then here are some easy hair updo ideas for you to consider. Just browse through the following sections to learn more.

Easy Hair Updo Ideas

Short Hair Updo
If you have short hair, you will probably have to wear it loose. However, when it’s too hot to have hair hanging on your neck, a quick updo will be the best solution for you. You can simply twist, tuck, and secure your hair with a pin. 

Medium Hair Updo
If you have wavy hair of medium length, soft curls will suit your hair type just fine. Wash your hair with a good shampoo and condition it. Blow dry your hair and apply some styling gel. Now, divide your hair in small sections and twirl each section with a hot roller. Do it for your entire hair and create as many curls as you like. Once done, brush your hair lightly and tie it into a casual pony tail or just wear it loose. You can also pin your hair using cute bobby pins. This updo is perfect for a casual evening.

Long Hair Updo
If you have long hair, you have many choices to style your hair. The French bun is an easy hair updo that you might want to consider. All you have to do in order to wear this hairstyle is to comb your hair and make it tangle free first. Then, pull your hair back together into a ponytail. Now twist your hair around your ponytail and use bobby pins to secure your hair. For a more formal updo, split your hair in the middle and plait it. Roll them together into a low bun. Secure the bun with hair pins for a neat finish. For a regular updo, you can just twist and roll up your hair into a bun and secure it with a Chinese hair pin. This is easy to do, but gives you a stylish look. For a soft touch, wear your bun and let a few strands loose in the sides of your face.

Tips For Easy Hair Updos

  • Wash your hair with a good shampoo and use a conditioner to tame your frizzy hair.
  • To add a classic touchup to your hairdo, use your fingers instead of a regular comb.
  • Don’t fuss with your hair. Keep it simple and casual. A little twist and tuck can give you an amazing look and is easy to wear as well.
  • There are a wide variety of hair accessories available in the market. Use the right accessories for your hair updo.
  • Wear curled hair updos to obtain a soft touch or go for straight updos for a less formal event.

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