Your hair is your crowning glory; you may as well wear it in the trendiest manner possible! Swing through this article to gain access to information on the trendiest hairstyles for women and men.

Trendy Hairstyles

There were days when only women cared about how good or how fashionable their hair looked, but those days are in the past now! In times such as these, even the men have joined the bandwagon of those for whom hairstyles and haircuts and what not matter most. If you don’t want to believe this, just head to your nearest hair salon, you are sure to see both men and women in the lines that head to the door of the salon. In any case, if you have always wanted to look trendy in terms of your hairstyle, but have been clueless on the hairstyles that are all the rage now, help for you is here. Make a move and read on to gain access to information on the trendiest of hairstyles. The first three hairstyles are purely for the womenfolk, while the next three or the last three are for the menfolk.

Trendy Hairstyles For Women And Men

Curls, can never go out of fashion and there’s really no denying the truth in this statement. While not many women are blessed with natural curls, the ones who don’t have curls can always go to a stylist of repute and get their hair curled. However, a very important criterion for getting enviable curls revolves around the fact that your hair should be long. Without long hair, it will be almost impossible to sport curls that can get the town talking. This style looks best when the middle and top part of your hair is straightened and the flowing locks at the sides are curled!

The Bob
The bob, just like the curls, can never go out of fashion. You may think that the bob cut is not too trendy, but when you hand yourself over to a good hairstylist, it sure can be made to look like one of, if not the trendiest of haircuts. If you are looking to play it safe, you can go in for the classic bob haircut. However, if you are willing to experiment with your hair, you can ask your hairstylist to give you a bob haircut that will ensure you stand out in a crowd. A great way to achieve this objective is to get the sides of your hair cut asymmetrically and add Cleopatra styled bangs wherever possible.

Chops, here, stand to signify the choppy styles that are all the rage now. The best part about these hairstyles is that they can work wonders with your hair, irrespective of its condition. To achieve the choppy look, your hairstylist will hold strands of hair at forty five degree angles and tilt the scissors and go in for the cut. You can get your dose of variations with the choppy look from bob cuts, pixie styles, long layered cuts, etc.

If long hair can look good on women, it sure can look good on the men too. Locks here stand to signify the locks of flowing hair worn by a few of the most popular rock stars of the eighties and the early nineties. However, in spite of long flowing locks being a classic hairstyle and a slightly barbaric one too, for the men, they can never really go out of fashion!

The Spikes
Spikes are to men what poker straight hair or curly bangs are to women. In other words, at times, spikes can make for the ultimate style statements. When you go in for a spiky cut, your hairstylist will crop your hair at the sides and the back while letting it look a little longer in the middle and at the front. This is what will help you spike your hair. For ultimate spikes, wash your hair, towel dry it, rub some gel onto it and spike it!

Faux Hawks
Faux hawk hairstyles are definitely up there when it comes to the trendiest hairstyles for men. Here, the hair at the sides gets cropped and the hair on the top and at the front gets tapered, giving a person sporting this style a very edgy look!

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