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Scene Makeup Ideas

The fashion world has been growing at a quick pace, adding new dimensions and new meaning to our understanding of fashion and trends. Scene makeup, scene hairstyles, scene clothing are words heard quite often! Have you ever wondered what this strange fashion style is all about? Well, scene makeup is nothing but bright, bold makeup worn by scene teens. Thick eye-makeup and funky hairstyles forms the essence of makeup for scene teens. The eyes are the main feature in scene makeup in which heavy glitter and eye makeup is used in desired patterns to highlight the eyes. Scene teens, unlike the Emo and the Goth teens do not apply dark or too elaborate makeups. Instead, scene makeup is all about holding one’s exclusivity and style with little makeup on the face and heavy glitter and makeup on the eyes. This is usually coupled with wild hairstyles. The following sections will provide you with ideas and tips on the same. Read on to learn more.

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Ideas for Scene Makeup

  • It is always best to start off with a good foundation. A light coat of the foundation can be followed by a concealer to hide the blemishes under the eyes. A little foundation on your palm mixed with a drop of water can be applied onto your eyelids. This works as a primer and thus helps your eye shadow stay longer. Applying too much foundation is not wise as it turns your complexion white.
  • Bright-coloured eye shadows such as pink, bright green, red, lavender, fuchsia, pewter, etc can be chosen. Begin with the application of the eye shadow using an angular brush in a systematic way, starting from the lash line and continuing till the bottom of the brow bone. Do wait for it to dry and do not forget to check out for the harsh lines. In case you find any, do brush them off.  The bright eye shadow will highlight your eyes.
  • To acquire an impressive look, add one more dark shade of eye shadow to the upper and lower eye lid, extending it right till the corner of the eye. However, you will have to make sure that both the shades blend well and complement each other.
  • Although many eyeliners are available, using a liquid eyeliner that does not form clumps, works out smooth and lasts longer will work out as a good choice. Begin the application with the inner corner of the eyelid and wave it down to the outer corner.
  • Good eye lashes are definitely required to complete the eye makeup. Apply two coats of mascara to make the eye lashes look beautiful. You also have the option of applying false eyelashes and curling them. Curling the eyelashes gives the eyes a bigger look, thus making them look wide open.
  • Dash the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Choose a colour that is darker than your hair colour. A perfect arc in the eyebrows adds immense beauty.
  • Application of a little blush on the cheeks, a transparent lip gloss which is not of a darker shade is the last and the final step. Nevertheless, in scene makeup, the focus is on the eyes, thus the rest of the face can look pale in order to highlight the eyes. This completes the scene make-up process. 
  • Black mascara suits eyelashes the best.
  • Since the eyes are the main focus, do not over do the rest of your face. A pale look on the face is what is required in order to highlight your eyes.
  • A liquid eyeliner is better, but not a must. A pencil liner can also be used for a natural look.
  • An application of some translucent powder on the eyelids is facilitates the eye shadows to stay longer. Begin with a white base starting at the eyebrow and end at the crease.

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