While a body shaper allows you to lose oodles of kilos in just a few minutes, it has its own set of drawbacks as well. Explore this article for pros and cons of women body shapers.

Body Shaper For Women

You have a date in the next two days and you’re just not prepared to go for it. Reason being that your bulging full figure prevents you from giving that little black dress hanging in your wardrobe a try. You had bought it for your college farewell party six months ago but sadly, have put on a lot of weight thereafter. It’s your first date and you are too excited and thrilled about the entire scenario. What to do about the extra flab here and there? Do not worry. Such is the case with many full-figured women who simply do not know how to look fab even in flab. Body shaper is the best and fastest answer to your problem. Easy-to-wear shape wear garments, body shapers help in compressing and boosting body parts, thereby bringing out the best in you. In just 5-10 minutes, you can slim and flatten most areas of your body, such as breast, stomach, waist, hip, thigh, buttock, and legs. However, these body reshaping products come along with their own share of downfall as well. Hence, it is best that you analyze the pros and cons of body shapers before you invest your hard-earned money on these slimming garments. Find out the merits and demerits of women body shapers in the following lines.
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Pros Of Women Body Shapers
  • In just about 5-10 minutes, you can shrink 2-3 sizes than your original figure, depending upon how long you take to fit into the body shaper.
  • After your initial fitting into the body shaper, it takes only about 2-3 minutes to slip into it, the next time you want to flaunt an hour-glass figure.
  • Apart from reducing your size, body shapers help in providing effective back support. While you are in your body shaper, you feel something is holding your back, making it erect and straight. Feels great to have a good posture along with a figured body!
  • If you long for an hour-glass figure instantly, then a body shaper is what you should be betting on. For the garment is designed in such a way that it accents your curves, and lifts, tuck, and compresses your unwanted flab.
  • Just as you slip into your body shaper, the instant shaping of your body will immediately boost your confidence level. Catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you sure would want to live the rest of your life in the body shaper. A new flattened figure with that extra weight missing, or more appropriately, disappearing! After all, that’s what you desire for, right?
  • Losing weight can never be so simpler and easier than slipping into your body shaper. No crash diets, exercise, and heavy workouts. Wear your body shaper for at least 4-6 hours per day and see how you lose inches of weight without even putting in the desired efforts.
Cons Of Women Body Shapers
  • First timers should be prepared to fight a battle putting on the body shaper. They are extremely tricky and you will need help from someone to put in on for the first time. On the negative side, this can be a little discouraging for some women.
  • Further, depending upon the style of body shaper that you choose, you can require constant help from someone to slip into it. Thus, if you do not have a roommate, partner, or spouse, wearing a body shaper can be really challenging, or rather impossible in most cases.
  • Since body shapers are designed to flatten a body, they can be quite uncomfortable and constricting for really heavy women. However, like other things, the more frequently you wear the body shaper, the easier and more unnoticeable it will become.
  • Body shapers can prove to be expensive depending upon the model brand, or style that you pick up. If you are planning to buy a full body shaper, know that you need to burn a hole in your pocket to get your hands on one.
  • Buying just one body shaper is not sufficient in case you will be wearing it on a daily basis to achieve that sexy and slim figure. This simply adds on to your cost as donning one continuously can easily wear out.

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