Gothic fashion is one of the hottest fashion trends amongst the youth. With this article, explore the gothic fashion trends and styles. These tips will help you don the Goth look you always wished for

Gothic Fashion

Are you tired of your conventional look and style and wish for something out-of-the-way that would make you stand apart in a crowd? Do you have a fetish for leather, dark makeup, chains and tattoos and wish for once to live like what you are? If individuality, attitude and outrageousness are your style then you are welcome to gothic fashion. Gothic fashion includes all that is rebellious, and is mostly concerned with darkness and death. You must have seen some people who look like they have stepped straight out of a vampire movie or a time machine that has brought them from another century. These people distinguished by their heavy makeup, black costume and heavy piercings and boots are the upholders of gothic fashion. So, if you want to go gothic, you might as well be prepared to face a lot of stares, for the style stands out even amongst the most outrageous of ones. However, do not worry about being the only one, as gothic fashion has millions of followers, with more and more people entering its fold every day. One thing that is worth mentioning at this stage is that this fashion is not for everyone. Go for this fashion only if you have the ability to carry this style around. Many people create a mess and look ridiculous while trying to carry this style. If you want to try this hot fashion, then read the article further for more on gothic fashion styles.  
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Gothic Fashion Styles
Gothic fashion is heavily dependent upon various accessories. The accessories that are most commonly used include crosses, crucifixes, pentagrams, daggers, bullets, chains, studded belts, spiked collars etc. These accessories would help in portraying a dark fantasy. As such, before donning the look, make sure you have a whole range of metal accessories with gothic symbols and designs in your wardrobe. Heavy rings and bracelets are also a must.
Piercing is very important in gothic fashion. While piercing can be done on almost all the body parts these days, face piercing tops the list as it conveys a more extreme look. Lips, eyebrows, nose, tongue, chin and so on are some places wherein you can flaunt the pierced look. For a hardcore gothic style, you can go for any number of piercings. Some people even go for extreme body modifications.
In the gothic subculture, tattoos play a very important role in portraying the look of death and occult. No gothic fashion can do without gothic tattoos as the design of the tattoos reflect the sensibilities of this culture. The tattoo design should be based on fantasy themes like dragons, witches and the like. The tattoo images should be medieval with skull, crosses, blood, gore and slayings. You can also go for tattoos with occult symbolism and mystic and magical themes. Larger tattoos are especially good to display this style and one can go for a full back tattoo and full arm tattoos.
Thigh high or knee high black leather boots distinguish gothic style. The boots should also have laces, flashy buckles or zippers on all the sides from top to bottom. The boots should look macabre and show dominance. One can also go for high platform heeled boots or those with very thick soles. Over-the-thigh boots are also a favorite option to explore. Remember, the ultimate aim of the boots is to provide elevation to the wearer so that he/she is dominant. Some gothic boots also come studded with spikes and furs. While black is the standard gothic color, one can wear boots with a combination of red and black color. To further enhance the style, embellish the boots with popular gothic motifs like skulls, buckles, studs and crosses.  
There are different varieties of gothic clothing styles. The objective is to shock and so the clothing styles of bygone eras are given more preference. As such, suits, trench coats, corsets, flowing skirts and the like constitute gothic fashion. The more outrageous the clothing is, the better it is. Also, make sure that the clothing is made of leather and lace. Complement it with fishnet stockings and lace gloves with large skirts for that vintage look.
Gothic fashion personifies individuality and attitude. As such, the makeup should reflect that attitude and personality. Both men and women can apply copious makeup as gothic fashion is generally unisex. The makeup should highlight both the eyes and the lips. Dark eye makeup with shadows and accentuated eye lashes and eye lids is very important. The lips should also be covered in black lipstick. However, one can go for soft pink or loud red lipstick. For a pale look, foundation can be applied.
After the makeup, the hairstyle forms the second most important aspect of gothic fashion. The hair should be done in black or dyed black. Sometimes, red and orange highlights can also be used along with dreadlocks and spiked hair. Remember, there is no definite gothic hairstyle. Anything that is outrageous and stands out from the rest can be accepted as gothic style.

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