Is your neck tattoo being a pain in the neck, quite literally as well? If yes, then go through the following tips to know how to deal with neck tattoo pain.

Neck Tattoo Pain

Everyone wants a tattoo! From being a religious symbol to being a status symbol, tattoos have now progressed to become a form of expression. Amongst all the types, neck tattoos are ones which come under the most visible category. This means that one must be sure at the time of getting it done and have the right information beforehand. Neck tattoos vary in position, from behind the ear to the lower side of the neck, just peeking above your collar. When one is clear about the placement, there are a few other things to consider - the tattoo artist, a suitable design, the cost, the taboo and most importantly the pain. Neck tattoo can cause unbearable pain, as the skin around that area is thinner than the rest of the body. And since these tattoos take longer to heal, you must also take the extra healing time into account. To deal with the pains before and after, here are some comments.
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How To Deal With Neck Tattoo Pain
Before Getting A Tattoo
  • Consult a good tattoo artist. Some artists call neck tattoos “job blockers” and do not do any art above the neck. Most of them would advise you not to get it done, due to the pain involved, but if you have made your decision, then you can very well go ahead.
  • The biggest fear of any person getting a neck tattoo done is the pain involved. The area around the neck is much thinner than the rest of the body and the bone is more exposed to the effect of the needle. So, you must be amply prepared to bear the pain before you go for the tattoo job.
  • Men and women usually have different thresholds for pain. So if you are absolutely sure you can handle the pain, get a neck tattoo done. Darker and bolder tattoos would be more painful. Women should therefore prefer small and simple art like a butterfly or a star, while men could get more experimental and bold.
  • Black tattoos are the most common, but since the bold ones are painful as they involve many lines over the other, you might want to settle for the lighter ones. Elaborate tattoos such as a bird or an angel require immense patience and threshold as it is more intricate. Tattoos with color are equally painful, because to fill the color in, a lot of skill and pressure from the needle is required.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the longevity or life of the tattoo. If you cannot cope with a tattoo or if the tattoo does not go with the formal code at your office, then it is better that you do not get it done. Laser treatment to remove tattoo is not only expensive, but also can cause adverse affects on the skin of your neck.
After Getting A Tattoo
  • Tattoos on any other part of the body take around two weeks to cure, but neck tattoos take much longer, because of the softer skin and the friction created due to the continuous motion of the head and neck.
  • Scabs form easily on tattoos on the neck and they get itchy. You must avoid scratching them.
  • Re-inking the tattoo can be very painful too and may not appear as good as the original. So, make sure that you keep the tattoo covered for a few days and wash it thoroughly.
  • Air it regularly so that the sore skin around the tattoo can breathe. Some people have infections around the tattoo, that can eat into the skin and the outcome can be disastrous. Make sure you protect the area well.

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