Looking for a tattoo that truly reflects your style? Try tattoo lettering styles and get inked differently. To check out for more tattoo lettering designs, read on.

Tattoo Lettering Designs

Bored of barbed wires and zodiac signs and looking for something interesting to ink yourself with? Well, if you are totally put off by the idea of having a fire-spitting dragon crawling on your back, or even a superhero emblem somewhere on your skin, then opting for a truly classy and substantial tattoo design should work for you. If you are someone who thinks it’s totally cool and trendy to sport a body art inked with markings on alien tribes or obscure symbols in foreign languages, then tattoo letter designs are indeed your thing. You can choose from a host of exotic scripts and fonts and embellish your arm, waist, back or any other body part with your choicest scripture, quote, name or a favorite byword. Not only does it look extremely cool and stylish, but is also knocked up with deeper implications, which makes these tattoos all the more eye-catching. Check out the following tattoo lettering ideas to pick your style and get inking.
Tattoo Lettering Styles
Tribal Tattoo Lettering
If you don’t want something overly flashy as a ‘muscle tissue sleeve’ or even a ‘3D dragon tattoo’ peeking up your sleeves, back or waist, you can always go for something truly aesthetic and unique as tribal tattoo lettering. With a stunning array of exciting fonts to choose from, tribal tattoo lettering is one tattoo style you cannot resist. From crazy old school styles to the popular ‘bad ass’ styles to the more refined Gaelic styles Celtic calligraphy, the options are almost endless. All you have to do is pick a font that reflects your style and taste. Tribal tattoos stand out with their eye-catching bold lines and graphic patterns. So you can be sure that your tattoo won’t just go unnoticed!
Calligraphy Tattoo Lettering
Anybody who said that a tattoo is a fine art was indeed talking about calligraphic style. A unique blend of bold strokes and thin lines, calligraphy tattoos are totally cool. So if skulls and roses aren’t your thing, you can easily find your style in calligraphy tattoo lettering! Fancy calligraphic fonts embellished with diagonal strokes make a great sight. So go out and tattoo you name, inscribe a script or proclaim your love, a la calligraphy style!
Arabic Tattoo Lettering
For those digging for tattoos with mystery, splendor and a dash of difference, an Arabic tattoo is definitely the answer. From flowing horns to exotic fonts, Arabic tattoos are a total rage with celebs and youth alike. What really sets an Arabic tattoo apart from other letters is its distinct script, which is always written from right to left. With more than eighteen distinct letter shapes to confer, an Arabic lettering tattoo is truly classical in its style. So go ahead, stamp yourself with an Arabic script just like the way Brangelina or Rihanna did, and keep the world guessing?
Hebrew Script
Never mind if you are a polyglot or not, you can always take your love for foreign languages to new levels by inking a Hebrew tattoo right on your skin. From Madonna to Christina Aguilera to Posh Spice and her better half David Beckham, all have sported semantic tattoos, thereby setting a new trend for the others to follow. With its complex yet elegant pictorial language, the Hebrew script is a total win-win choice for anyone who wishes to go rather unusual in his or her style.
Chinese Lettering
Wish to get yourself inked, but hate the idea of arm bands or half sleeve tattoos? Try hieroglyphs. Loaded with beauty and mystery, these pictorial Chinese inscriptions loaded with profound meaning have found their place with most tattoo freaks. Implying love, luck, power, peace, strength and beauty, the truly attention grabbing Chinese lettering is worth inking. Just pick your hieroglyph that states your personality and get inking!

Image: Deanna Wardin @ Tattoo Boogaloo@flickr

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