Pin up hairstyles, believe it or not, can never really go out of fashion. Plough your way through this piece for instructions on how to create a pin up hairstyle.

Pin Up Hairstyles

As far as hairstyles go, pin up hairstyles have always been a favorite. They have been around from the very beginning of time and are loved because of their versatility. Pin up hairstyles are dressy and are best when employed for special occasions or events like the prom, graduation day or maybe even your wedding. However, this does not mean you cannot try out a pin up hairstyle for a casual night out with your girlfriends. It’s really all about how well you carry off the pin up look. Most women, however, believe that pin up hairstyles look best when created in a parlor or by a professional. This, however, is hardly the truth and that is because if you really want to, you can create a pin up hairstyle all by yourself. Make your move and read on to establish a heightened level of familiarity with step-by-step instructions on how to create a pin up hairstyle.

How To Create A Pin Up Hairstyle

You Will Need 

  • Hair Brush
  • Large Rod Curling Iron
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Clips
  • Hair Spray
  • Teasing Comb
  • Before starting off on the instructions, it is important to mention here that when you are looking to create a pin up hairstyle, it is a must for you to have long hair or hair that falls a little below your shoulders.
  • Once you are sure about the length of your hair, you can go right ahead and wash it. Wash and dry your hair like you normally would, because it is a known fact that pinup hairstyles are best created with dry hair.
  • Go on to separate your hair into sections and lift the same off your head. To achieve this objective, you can use hair clips that are capable of helping you achieve the same.
  • Now that your hair is all clipped, you will have to plug in a large rod curling iron. For best results with the whole procedure of creating a pin up hairstyle, set the heat curling rod to high. Begin at the neckline by taking a small section of your hair and twisting it onto the curling iron rod. Take extra care to be as cautious as possible here.
  • Post curling the section of your hair onto the curling iron rod, remove it gently. With this done, you will have a spiral curl. You can feel free to repeat this step and the one mentioned above until all sections of your hair except the crown section is curled up.
  • Now, divide the crown of your hair into three separate sections. Pin each of these sections with a beauty style hair clip and take back the farthest section. You can then go ahead and lift your hair straight up and comb back your hair or in other words simply tease its roots.
  • Spray a small amount of hair spray onto the roots of the hair you combed back. You can comb the outer layer of the hair to ensure it is smooth and press it against the scalp. You can then go ahead and push it towards your forehead which will help your hair rise higher. Finish this step off by securing your hair with bobby pins.
  • Now unclip the middle section at the crown of your hair and tease and secure it as you previously did. Separate the hair on your right temple side with a hairbrush while also making it a point not to disturb the hair secured in the previous step. Go ahead and pull the hair straight back away from your face with your hands and with a hairbrush.
  • Spray this section of your hair with hair spray and comb the roots to bring it to the center of your hair shaft. You can then twist your hair twice with your hands which will help you form a circle. Pin up your hair towards the crown of the head and leave the lower half of your hair that you previously curled hanging loose.
  • Once your hair is in place, you can ensure it is secure with a little hairspray. Repeat the same procedure on the left side of your head. Go ahead and unclip the front section of your hair and brush it out with a hairbrush. Part hair from the left to the right and then to the front and go ahead and remove one section of your hair. You can also use your fingers to curl the hair lock into a big circle. Once you are done, secure the curls with bobby pins.
  • Grab a center lock of your hair and use the curling iron to curl the hair away from the forehead and towards the crown of your head. Brush the lock and then run your fingers through it. Flatten the round lock of hair on the crown of the head in the center. With this step you are almost done.
  • Repeat the above mentioned step until your bangs are done with, and work on any loose hair locks with your curling iron! With this, you would have successfully created a pinup hairstyle!

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