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Blonde Hair Shades

Your hair is your crowning glory, and coloring your hair is one of the ways of telling the world how much you love your hair. Hair coloring is a new trend in the fashion world that attracts people of all age groups. One of the popular hair colors that young people opt for is the different shades of the color ‘blonde’. The blonde hair color is a light/fair hair color which is caused due to low levels of the pigment called ‘eumelanin’ in ones scalp. Blonde is a warm hair color and can be dyed easily. However, it will suit you only if you have a warm skin tone like brown with pink or golden undertones. Nevertheless, people who do not fall under the warm skin tone category, but still want to color their hair blonde should go for shades of blonde colors in the form of highlights or streaks. Mentioned below are some popular types of blonde hair shades that you can choose from to suit your skin type. Read on to learn more about them.

Types Of Blonde Hair Shades

Platinum Blonde Shade
The ‘platinum blonde shade’ is very light hair color shade that is nearly white. If you wish to have a platinum blonde shade, you will have to bleach and tone your hair. The platinum shade is best suited for short blonde hair cuts.

Ash Blonde Shade
The ‘ash blonde shade’ is a common shade among blonde hair colors. This shade is usually used for highlighting. In order to obtain an ash blonde shade, you should not completely bleach your hair with this shade. Opting for highlights of this shade for a lighter blonde hair color will leave you with better effects. Once you have used the highlights, apply a darker shade of the base color followed by lowlight hair colors to obtain a good appearance.

Yellow Blonde Shade
If you wish to wear a darker blonde color, then a yellow blonde shade will suit you well. The hue yellow is prominent in this blonde hair shade and will provide a darker effect than the ash blonde shade. You can style your hair with few highlights of platinum blonde hair color after bleaching your hair with yellow blonde shade.

Neutral Blonde
The ‘neutral blonde hair shade’, as the name implies is a shade that is in between a light and dark blonde color. It is a medium dark shade that will look good on people with a warm skin tone.

Golden Blonde
The ‘golden blonde’ is a popular blonde hair color. It offers a sun kissed appearance when nicely lined over brown or neutral blonde hair color. You can use golden highlights over brown or neutral hair colors.

Sandy Blonde
People with cooler skin tones who want to sport blonde color should opt for the ‘sandy blonde shade’. Sandy blonde is a blonde hair color, but not the usual yellowish or golden blonde color. It is closer to brown, and therefore will look nice on people with cooler skin tones. You can dye your hair with this hair color and accompany the shade with some skinny foil streaks. These skinny foils should be a shade or two lighter than the sandy blonde shade.

Strawberry Blonde
The ‘strawberry blonde hair color’ is accompanied by a tinge of red and orange shades and is a prominent shade.  If you have a warm skin tone, then this shade is the perfect one for you. This shade goes well with yellow or golden streaks.

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