Whether you wish to streak your strands blue or just lust for a sun-bleached look, these hair highlighting techniques should help you pick your favorite style and tone in just a snap.

Hair Highlighting Techniques

If you are someone who likes to think beyond black and white when it comes to talking of hair color, then this article should leave you with a thing or two on how to get the perfect hue. Whether you are looking to beat hair boredom or are just inspired by red-carpet hairstyles, adding some hues to your mane can leave it revamped and high on style. If you plan to ditch your brown and black locks and go for a shade shift, there is no better glam job than super-sexy highlights to jazz up your flat mane and pump up your style. From amazing gold to soft gray to electrifying pinks, you can just amp up your style with standout “notice-me” streaks. Whether you intend to have a hair transition or bleach your streaks, these statement-making hair-highlighting techniques should get you on a roll. Check out these hair highlighting techniques and get ready for a hair revamp. 

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Different Hair Highlighting Techniques 

Block Color
Tired of your boring black and uninspiring brown and looking to cop a smoldering hot hair color a la celeb style? Whether you are totally blown off by the rich neutral blond of Natalie Portman or wish to go all red like pop queen Rihanna, dyeing your hair using one single color won’t just add life to your flat mane, but will also add some sheen and drama to your boring strands. Block coloring is indeed one of the most preferred techniques to enhance your natural hair tone and add some depth and vitality to your tresses.

Foil Highlighting
Wish to get out of your color comfort zone and amp up your hair tone to some exciting shades? For an awesome, edge style, you can opt for the dramatic two-tone contrasting highlight or gorgeous highlight streaks. Foil highlighting is possibly one of the most preferred salon techniques that offer endless possibilities for creativity and style. In this technique, the streaks are separately hued and wrapped in a foil to prevent colors from blending into each other.

Wish to sport super-sexy sun-kissed strands like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston? Try balayage and flaunt remarkable golden locks. This “no-foil” hair coloring technique looks stunning on almost all skin tones and includes very little hair damage as compared to other coloring techniques owing to minimal color application. The highlights are smeared using a sweeping hand motion with a very light hue on the base and very heavy tone at the tip. Result- a chunky looking sun bleached style!

If you want something racier than the usual dash of color to your streaks, chunking is the way to go! This technique usually involves broad strokes of highlight. Whether you want a peek-a-boo pink or a sexy contrasting two-toner, multi-layered chunk should get you donning your dream style with panache.  

Bored of your mauve browns, nudes and golds and wish to ramp up your style quotient with a new sexy hue? If you lust for that gorgeous green or electric blue streaks, but don’t wish to color your hair wild, then slicing is the way to go! In this technique, thin highlights are carefully weaved into your hair for a rock-chic look.

Frosted Tips
Wish to add some oomph to your choppy pixie hairstyle? If yes, try the frosted tips technique and glam up your hairstyle. This funky technique, also known as tip-dyeing, involves highlighting the ends of your hair with vibrant hues. Depending on whether you need a subtle look or are game for a more dramatic style, you can experiment with your color options.

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