Fashion crazy men are anticipating the New Year, just so that they can get their feet into the new shoes set to release in 2011. Let’s have a look at some!

Men's Shoes Fashion 2011

Men, unlike women, tend to sail through life with the motto “Shoes are meant for walking, not for flaunting!” It might take the closets of ten ordinary men to match up to the shoe collection stocked up in the crammed closet of an ordinary lady. However, the era of metrosexuality has made several modifications to the average household. Not only do men seek variety in shoes to serve variant purposes, such as one for tennis and the other for formal occasions, but they are gradually falling prey to the marketing gimmicks of competitive brands. “Wow, aren’t those the shoes Brad Pitt sported in his latest film? They’re so fine!” or “I love the way Amitabh Bachchan exudes such finesse and confidence while wearing these shoes, I’m gonna go for them!” are some of the public clamors heard all over the world. 2010 has been a booming and prosperous year for many shoe manufacturing enterprises. The steep increase in demand from the fashion conscious males is undoubtedly a credit worthy factor for this steady boom. Let’s take a quick look at what the trendy men of today have their eyes set on for the upcoming year 2011 as we travel down this page.
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Men’s Shoes Trend 2011
Super Comfortable Running Shoes
The market for cushioned running shoes is soaring by the dozen. A stereotypical loves a fair share of sport or physical exercise in the gym. This necessitates the urgency for comfortable and striking running shoes. Manufacturers are coming out with desirable new choices of running shoes, providing impetuous to save handsomely till the New Year finally arrives. Devoted fans have been sincerely coveting shoes which guarantee a perfect fit, rapturous level of foot comfort and unfathomable thrust for daily workout sessions. Moreover, the rear foot and forefoot gel cushioning propels you to perform multiple foot movements through the recommended gait cycle. Your Achilles tension will subside owing to the 3mm height increase. Such shoes are yearned for, not only for their fantastic gait efficiency and comfort, but their high ranking in style quotient.
Nothing better than slipping into a lovely pair of comfy moccasins (usually made of deerskin or soft leather) during the frost winter evenings! Moccasins are presently all the rage for the male fashion aficionados. Besides, moccasins are generally considered to be the intersection point between formal shoes and casual footwear. They offer maximum comfort throughout the day and can withstand the worst of walking conditions. A variety of designs inspire men to purchase a collection of different moccasins as they make a fabulous fashion statement. Moccasins make minimal noise while hiking and are a great source of relaxation to one’s feet. Stalk the woods for animals as your moccasins fail to indicate your arrival!
Loafers & Boat Shoes
Loafers and boat style shoes are well known for their elegance and will most certainly make a resurrection in the fashion world of 2011. Worn with jeans, pants, chinos, and khakis, a sole man sporting this attire is bound to be the star of any party. Boat shoes comprise of a water-resistant hide, lacing, and non-skid soles. They look good without socks and give a sportier appearance in comparison to loafers. Loafers are best accompanied by jeans with a button-down shirt.
Oxford Shoes
Whether you have decided to sport jeans, khakis, formal suits or slacks, never forget to include a slender pair of oxford shoes in the fashion equation. Conventionally defined as a lace-up shoe that doesn't come above the ankle, oxfords are definitely worth a man’s money. Guys generally swoon over the classic British-style ones that have no seams beyond the toe cap or the fancy wingtips, which when put together and apart resemble a bird spreading its wings.

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