A beret can instantly transform a boring outfit into a classy one. How to wear a beret is a common question, read on to find all the beret hat tips that you’d want to sport this style statement.

How To Wear A Beret

The be-ray, as beret is pronounced, is a round flat hat that can be Rastafarian knitted or woven. This simple piece of accessory, when worn correctly, can make you look chic and classy. The secret formula behind the universality of this hat is that it can hide a guy’s bald patch and patch up a bad hair day for the girl, equally efficiently. These hats are popularly worn by runaway models and celebrities alike. It has come a long way from a popular French fashion statement and has entered our wardrobe and parties. A beret still tops the headgear for the winter season. It is also a part of the military uniform for most organisations. Berets can be the knitted ones that keep you warm in those chilly winter mornings or the crocheted ones that add an urbane and stylish look to your wardrobe. A simple outfit can be made super funky with a bright beret but the trick is to wear the beret correctly. Read on for understanding various ways of wearing a beret hat.
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Wearing A Beret

  • The worst mistake that can be made by a beret wearer is to pull the hair back inside the hat. Remember how Alicia Silverstone went “Clueless” with her bangs in the front even with the beret on? Let your hair frame your face and don’t put it in a bun inside the beret.
  • A beret should be worn loosely. Don’t stretch the beret covering your entire head.
  • If you think wearing the beret at a tilt makes you look classy then go ahead and tilt it, but allow the hat to just graze your ear but make sure that the beret doesn’t slip midway down your ears.
  • Making sure that the beret on your head is fashionable and not a fashion disaster is very important. Don’t fluff up the centre of your beret. Don’t grow a mountain or a hill on your head.
  • Wearing an army beret, if you are not enlisted in the armed forces is a strict no-no. For an army man, the headband is slightly above the eyebrows. Another important tip is to tuck the ribbon knot inside the beret hat.
  • Dressing up casually goes the best with a beret hat. A pair of jean and a trendy tee shirt will look great when complemented with a chic beret on the head.
  • Go trendy with your beret. Add a brooch to it, or buy a brightly coloured beret hat to turn heads when you walk by.
  • If you are looking to hide a receding hairline; having a beret in your wardrobe will make your life simpler. Wear the beret hat low down your forehead. Pull a few fringes or bangs and frame your face. And see the difference!
  • The beret on most people does not look good if it is worn straight with no tilt whatsoever. The painters in Paris usually wear their beret hats straight up. Look long and hard at the mirror to decide if the French Painter look suits you. Samantha of “Sex and the City” carries off her straight berets with class.
  • Another problem with a beret, since it has to be worn loose and casually, is that you might feel that your hat is slipping off. Instead of fidgeting with the hat on the head during the day, just secure it to your hair with a few hairpins. Let the pins be discrete or they might just steal the thunder away from your precious hat.

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