Are you looking for formal hairdo ideas? If yes, then here are some formal hairdo ideas to your aid. Explore this piece to learn more about them.

Formal Hairdos

You have been invited for a formal gathering and you have decided on your outfit and makeup. However, are you are still confused about which hairdo you should sport? Should you wear your hair in a bun or keep it loose? If your answer to this question is “yes”, then here are some formal hairdo ideas for you to consider. Be it a formal wedding invitation, a formal dinner party, an award function, or just a corporate event, the right hairdo is as important as your attire and your makeup. Whatever style you wear, always remember to keep your hair clean, nicely combed, and worn neatly. Messy and scruffy hair is a strict ‘no’ with a formal outfit. Learning to wear a formal hairdo on your own will save you a lot of time and money. If you are running out of ideas and are confused, here are some simple formal hairdo ideas to your aid. Read on to learn more about them.

Formal Hairdo Ideas

A tidy neat bun is probably the most traditional formal hairdo for a woman. If you have long beautiful hair, a neatly tied bun can be the right formal hairdo for you. Buns can be of different styles including high buns, low buns, and empire buns. For a trendier look, you can try a bun with front locks. If you have curly hair, a classic wavy bun will suit you well. Women who are short can try high buns to add a few extra inches to their height.

Pony Tails
A simple pony tail can be the ideal hairdo for an interview or any other gathering. You can choose to sport a short pony tail or a long pony tail depending on the length of your hair.  A ponytail with a zigzag partitioning can be trendy as well as formal if worn well. 

Straight Hair
Long straight hair can give you a simple, but sophisticated look. Just iron your hair and let it loose. If you have a natural straight hair, just wash and condition your hair and wear it loose. You are sure to get some admiring glances from the opposite sex!

French Twist
A French twist is a traditional formal hairdo style. Just gather your hair at the nape of your neck and then twist it upward so that the end of your hair points upwards. Finally, pin the end and the inside of the twist. 

Classic Chignon
The chignon is a bun that you can sport either at the top of your head, at the nape of the neck, or at the center back. You can make it either tight or loose, and then surround it by braids. This classic hairdo suits women who are tall and lean. 

Curled Updos
Curled updos are also a popular form of formal hairdo. If you have long straight hair you can do it easily yourself at home. For this updo, you will first have to secure your hair into simple one or more ponytails. Curl the hair into ringlets and then secure them with a pin. You can wear this hairstyle as a full updo or half updo. 

Formal Hairdo For Short Hair
If you sport short hair, then by just adding a jeweled barrette, a clip, or a bobby pin you can easily updo your hair. Whatever be your style, always remember to just keep it neat.

Braid Hairstyle
A simple braided hairstyle is very popular formal hairdo that can match every outfit. You can wear it simple or style it with twirls and twists. Braids are again of different types; however, the French braid looks most stylish and is the most popular hairstyle.

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