Willing to try out some unconventional haircuts this season? Investigate this article further to get information on short formal hairstyles.

Short Formal Hairstyles

“Hair brings one's self-image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices” said Shana Alexander. Hair is an ornament for women, which also helps in enhancing their facial features, their style statement and their beauty. Long, silky strands of hair are what have been attributed to an ideal woman’s image that we hold. However, this image is experiencing a whole lot of unconventional changes with women now opting for short haircuts. It is true that not every woman is willing to relinquish her long locks for the sake of convenience, and also women with short haircuts are believed to be bold, confident and different from other women. Another apprehension that many women face while making a decision to go for a short haircut is whether short haircuts will be able to provide enough hairstyles for formal occasions? This article answers this particular apprehensive thought by bringing forth the list of formal short hairstyles. 

Different Short Formal Hairstyles 

Pixie Haircuts
Pixie hairstyles are one of the easiest ways to style your hair. Little attention on the blow drying technique and use of fingers to create the desired texture will provide you with this cute formal hairstyle. You can make use of a hair spray in order to preserve the texture of the hairstyle all through the day.

Wavy Haircut
A wavy hairstyle is the most preferred one because it suits every formal occasion. A wavy hairstyle will not affect or alter your original hairstyle and thereby will not lead to any problems relating to hair volume or other related short hair complications. Wavy haircuts can range from modern and romantic one’s, to the classy and glamorous looks with a slight retro feel.

Short Bob Hairstyles
Short bob hairstyles can be modified and textured to meet any formal festive occasion. You can define the hair ends to make bob hairstyles fit for different formal occasions. Flat irons or styling mousse can be used to quickly flip out the ends of a bob hairstyle which will give fabulous results. Use a thermal protection spray to protect your tresses from the use of a flat iron; this will save your hair the damage that an iron can cause.

Straight Short Style
The straight short hairstyle includes sliced razor cut, short layered styles, crops, pixies, top heavy one length look and precision cuts. A short hair cut is one of the best for any formal occasion and is also easy to maintain. The hairstyle can be changed by adjusting the styling techniques.

Curly Bob Hairstyles
Curly bob hairstyles leave a remembering impression in any of the formal events because of the fact that they look natural, classy and sophisticated at the same time. You can go in for either loose curls or tight curls, both of which will look pretty alluring, especially if you have healthy locks which are well cared for.

Layer Player
For people with round faces a layered hairdo is the best option. Short, layered hairstyles will go well on a round face and will provide the perfect look for any formal event. There are many styles which you can settle for depending on your choice and facial features.

Faux Hawk
Faux hawk is a hairdo for people who would love to have a bold look and who don’t mind getting it through unconventional ways. This is one of the most famous short haircuts among women that will add glamour to any formal festive occasion. In order to get this very short haircut, the hair on the side and back need to be cut short, while the hair on the top should be left comparatively longer. You can then style the top hair upwards and sideways, leaving few hair strands falling over your forehead.

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