Damaged hair is the most frequent hair problem that both men and women face. Read below to know the natural remedies for treating damaged hair.

Damaged Hair Remedies

Looks do matter, though, some may scoff at others for bestowing more attention on how they look. And no look is appealing if it seems like you are carrying a bale of hay on your head. Yes, this is what dry and damaged hair looks like. The horror of baldness is no greater than damaged hair, which is increasingly becoming the norm rather than the exception. And there is a very good reason on why more and more people are suffering from damaged hair. Vigorous hairstyling methods like perming, straightening, blow drying and coloring on a regular basis ultimately takes its toll on the hair. Even those who do not indulge in this can face damaged hair due to stress and other lifestyle issues. So, what to do when you find your hair dry and brittle? Running off to a trichologist is a good option, but only if you are ready to splurge on your medical bills. As such, the better option is to adopt the tried and tested remedies that not only are cheap, but also very effective. What’s more, you can use these natural remedies every day to keep the hair strong and healthy! Read further to learn more on these remedies.

Natural Remedies For Damaged Hair

Egg White
Egg white hydrates the hair and restores the damage done to the strands. To apply egg white on the hair, separate the yolk from the white. Whip the egg white and blend the yolk with a little bit of water. Apply this on damp hair and massage it thoroughly. Leave it for ten minutes to set and then rinse with cold water.
Olive Oil
Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. So, olive oil is very effective in protecting the hair from sunlight and humidity, which make the hair dry and brittle. Massage olive oil on the hair and leave it for 30 minutes to set. Thereafter, use a mild shampoo to rinse the hair.
Apple Cider Vinegar
The tonic action of apple cider vinegar stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp and closes the cuticle. The vinegar also clears the hair of residue buildup and enhances the hair shine. Mix one-third cup of apple cider vinegar with one quart of water. Shampoo your hair first and then rinse the hair with the vinegar solution.
Ginger Oil
Ginger oil is a mixture of ginger root and sesame oil. While the ginger root in the oil helps in protecting the scalp and hair against dandruff, the sesame oil acts as a sunscreen. To make ginger oil, grate a ginger root and mix it with ¼ cup of sesame oil. Massage it on the scalp and leave it for ten minutes. Then rinse the hair with shampoo.
Rosemary Oil And Olive Oil
The antioxidant property of rosemary protects the hair from cell damage. In addition, rosemary also stimulates hair growth. For a stronger effect, mix rosemary with olive oil. This concoction would be worthwhile in protecting the hair from the dangerous elements of nature. Heat olive oil slightly and mix it with a few drops of rosemary essential oil. Massage the scalp and hair with this mixture and allow it to set for 25 minutes. Thereafter, shampoo the hair as usual.
Avocado, Egg Yolk & Coconut Oil
Take one egg yolk and mix it with half a mashed avocado. Add coconut milk and mix until smooth. Massage the hair and scalp with this mixture and then rinse. The coconut and avocado oil mixture seals the cuticle and protects the hair shafts, while the egg yolk adds luster and shine to the tresses. The antioxidant properties in the mixture strengthens the hair, making it all the more strong and healthy.

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