Bid adieu to your bad hair days with these homemade hair products and flaunt super smooth and super shiny tresses forever. For more on homemade hair products, read on.

Homemade Hair Products

Someone rightly said, “Hair products are like boyfriends: even if you find one that you love, chances are that it lacks one or two key qualities”. With supermarket shelves crammed with zillions of hair care products, it is easy to fall for any reconditioning shampoo or rejuvenating serums without much thought or ado. Nonetheless, do you realize that using the wrong products can sap your hair off its natural oils, leaving you with a head full of fuzzy and damaged hair? Yes, daily wear and tear to worn out hairbrush bristles and strand-scorching hot irons can leave your dull mane craving for a life. With the daily assault done to your mane, scoring gorgeous tresses can be a catch-22 situation for you! Thankfully, you can whip up your own homemade potions with effective combos that can leave your hair happily hydrated and frizz free. All you have to do is create your own perfect blend and treat your tresses to homemade hair care cocktails. Rest assured your hair is going to thank you for this!

Homemade Products For Hair 

For Natural Hair
  • To create your own secret cocktail for super-soft hair, just grab a cup of hot water and stir in half a cup of baking soda to make a soft paste. Shampoo your hair with this paste and rinse thoroughly. Squirt some fresh lime juice into your hair and massage your scalp for about five minutes. Rinse off well.
  • If your hair looks no better than a limp piece of spaghetti, then this hair potion should turn your flat mane into bouncy locks. Just take a cup of warm beer and mix a teaspoon of jojoba oil into it. Apply the mix on your hair and massage gently. Rinse off your hair with a good brand of shampoo followed by a rich conditioner.
  • If you truly lust for shiny, smooth and frizz-free hair, then this wonderful hair cocktail should turn your tresses into a flowing cascade of gorgeous hair in no time. All you will need is half a cup of ‘mayonnaise’ and an ‘avocado’. Mash the avocado and pour in the mayonnaise. Whisk it until smooth and “peppermint” green in color. Slather the mix generously on your mane and rinse it off after an hour. Your hair will truly love you for this!
For Curly Hair
  • Dryness and damaged hair cuticles are invariably the biggest shine killers for curly strands. If you truly yearn for super smooth strands, then all you need to do is hydrate your locks to add some extra weight to your curls and prevent the dull frizz. To beat your curly hair blues, just create a cocktail of ‘olive oil’, ‘orange oil’ and ‘lavender oil’. Alternatively, you can also use jasmine or tea tree oil in place of lavender. Warm the oil concoction and massage it generously on your scalp and hair. Wrap your hair with a towel or shower cap and leave it on for at least three hours. Shampoo off your hair and enjoy super-soft tangle free hair.
  • You can also bet on good old ‘aloe vera’ to cure cuticle gaps and boost hair sheen. Just slice off a fresh aloe vera leaf and squeeze out the gel from it. Apply the gel on your strands, generously covering the root and the tips. Leave it on for an hour and rinse it off with a mild shampoo. This frizz-ease therapy is sure to get your curls behaving!
  • Curly hair tends to be drier and rougher than most other hair types. To boost natural shine and keep your locks looking fabulous all the time, just create a mix of one teaspoon of honey and a cup of water. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave it on for 7 to 10 minutes. Rinse you hair with a mild shampoo and hydrate it with a conditioner. Your kinky curls are going to thank you for this. 
For Dry Hair
  • Using tons of hair creams, styling gels and hair serums can strip your hair off its natural oils, leaving your hair looking shabby, frizzy and dry. To stop your pesky mane from sticking out of everywhere, just take a quarter cup of your favorite hydrating shampoo, 2 teaspoons of almond oil and a teaspoon full of milk to it and stir well. Shampoo your hair with this amazing mix and see your hair bounce with life all over again.
  • This is another effective dry hair tip. Massage your hair with a raw egg or two (depending on the length and volume of your hair). Rinse it with white vinegar and wash it thoroughly. Your hair will have a sheen that others will envy!
  • Nothing works on dry hair better than eggs. Just take an egg or two, depending on your hair length) and beat them hard. Massage the eggs gently on your scalp and hair and rinse off with white vinegar. Don’t forget to shampoo your hair to get rid of the disgusting odor of eggs.
  • If you are looking to fix your damaged hair for good, then this wonder mix is likely to impress you. To make this amazing potion, just mix together half cup of liquid castile soap, half a cup of aloe vera gel, 2 spoons of glycerin and half a spoon of avocado oil. Transfer the contents into a bottle and shake it well. Wash your hair with this homemade shampoo and rinse.

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