Navel piercing is one of the most popular types of body piercing. Read below to know more on navel piercings.

Navel Piercings

If you are looking to give your personality a radical new look, go for something more than ripped jeans, spiked hair and T-shirts with anti-establishment quotes. So, if you are ready for a dramatic new style that is as old as the human civilization, then welcome to the world of body piercings. It is the hottest thing in counter culture fashion nowadays and portrays an image that is revolutionary, while at the same time quasi gothic. Plus, body piercing never fails to raise eyebrows. Though body piercing appears to be a new age fad, it had, in fact, been prevalent in Roman, Egyptian and Indian culture since times immemorial. Due to its association with primitive rituals, body piercing was a taboo in many western societies. But in the last two to three decades, it became the most favored underground style element. At present, piercings have become so common that it is easy to find someone or the other with at least a single peircing. Piercings can be done on any part of the body, but the most popular areas are the ears, eyebrows, nose, lips and navel. Piercing the navel is the most attractive choice as it can be hidden by covering the midriff when at work or places where piercings are likely to be frowned upon.  Navel piercings also give a kinkier look than the more common nose and ear piercings. However, care should be taken after navel piercing as it can cause quite a few irritations and infections. You also have a number of choices here. There are at least four types of navel piercings that you can go for. Read further to know what these types of piercings are.

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Types Of Navel Piercings

Vertical Navel Piercing
This is done mostly with a barbell or ring. The piercing is done on the inside of the navel or in the inner part of the belly button. The vertical piercing is quite similar to the inverse navel piercing. In vertical navel piercing, the piercing is done through the interior of the navel, whereas in inverse navel piercing, it is done in the lower ridge of the navel.
Horizontal Navel Piercing
In this, a barbell is pierced along the ridge of the navel, instead of piercing through the ridge into the navel. This is a type of surface piercing, where the piercing is done on the flat portion of the navel. Horizontal navel piercing is best when a flexible barbell is used, instead of a solid one, as the piercing will heal faster.
Multiple Navel Piercing
In this type, several piercings are done on the rim of the navel. Several piercings can also be done in and around the navel. The most popular multiple navel piercing is the navel industrial, wherein a solid barbell goes through two piercings. In this case, both the top and the bottom rim of the navel is pierced and a straight barbell joins the two.
True Navel Piercing
This type of piercing is best done on people with an outie navel. The piercing is done on the umbilical scar tissue with a barbell or a ring. The umbilical scar tissue is nothing but a small nub that bulges out from the navel. However, since the tissue has a lot of blood vessels compared to other areas of the navel, this type of piercing is considered to be very risky. In this type of navel piercing, the chances of infection are higher than other types of navel piercings. Also, since the piercing protrudes from the belly, it prone to irritation.
If you are ready to try out navel piercings, then it will be better if you know the different types of navel piercings. This article will provide you with detailed information on all the types of navel piercings.

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