Teen fashion is a continuous evolving process. Perk up your ageing wardrobe with what’s new and what’s buzzing in the fashion world as you sneak a quick peek through this article.

Teen Fashion 2011

Fashion is a very radical yet volatile term, especially amongst the teenagers. On hitting puberty, teenagers are often stung by experimental brain waves to try out an assortment of fashion trends, if not invent their own. Moreover, teenagers of today are more equipped to provide insight as to what’s hot and what’s not, what to thrash and where to splurge the cash! Teen fashion trends change with the blink of an eye. It’s fascinating to see how some evolve from nowhere and others resurrect from the ancient times. Bringing back the 70’s into the present millennium is often welcomed with a hefty nod, while a random concoction might be scorned upon. Teens are erratic and it is nearly impossible to gauge their sense of fashion. Be it autumn or monsoons, teens never fail to surprise you with the strangest fashion statements that conjure the “trendy” label within a matter of milliseconds. As we draw closer to the year 2011, hold your breaths and wait to check out what the teen guys and girls choose to parade the streets in! Peer into the predictions for teen fashion trends in the upcoming year 2011 as you check out this article.
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Teen Fashion Trends In 2011
What The Ladies Should Be Sporting 
The New Year is fast approaching and it’s obviously time to make some alterations to your closet and give those tired hangers something new to hold on to!
  • Does the thought of fancy leggings excite you? If it doesn’t excite you, it will definitely excite your boyfriend or the 101 hungry eyes riveted in your direction! The predictable tailoring styles of the infinite pant designs have started to look old to you! Hence, get your hands on the latest stylish leggings that will keep you considerably warm on a chilly night! The newly printed-pattern-styled leggings to the latex ones offer you a large variety to choose from with maximum visual appeal, not to mention the extreme comfort! Picture these with classy pair of boots or even heals and you’re set to be the heat of the party!
  • Mini skirts have created a revolution in the world of teen fashion and it never gets old! What’s bound to be 2011’s hottest pick is the fluffy XXL skirt which exudes unlimited oomph when perked up with cute little high knee socks! The guys get a good peek-a-boo of your thighs, but not too much! Just the perfect teaser!
  • Bubble dresses have most certainly been riding fashion waves and will only gain momentum in the year to come. Pick the ones with floral designs or abstract art patterns. Accentuate your trendy look with long necklaces and funk beads. Colorful bangles also blend well with bubble dresses. If it’s too cold, always remember to carry a fashionable coat or jacket of a color that best matches the shades on your dress! Also, shop around for chunky cardigans that leave you endlessly contended and highlight your pretty features! And don’t forget to ensure that the cardigan isn’t below the waist length so that your tush is still exposed!
What The Trendy Young Men Should Wear
  • Leather jackets and bling bling is too quickly associated with the ghetto culture. Very often, boys seen with leather jackets are mistaken for gangsters and thieves. However, these preconceived notions will soon wither away as you improvise and make suitable alterations whilst exploiting the luster of a leather jacket.
  • For a subtle Victorian revival, guy should experiment with a version of Johnny Depp’s Alice In Wonderland look. Unconventional and a tad bit scary isn’t it? Of course, but it’s so cool! Add freaky eye make-up, a spooky hat over a crazy red wig! Top that off with crazy scarves over a fine pea coat and you will stand out!
  • Although neon jeans were highly popular among the girls, roles are being interchanged over the last few years! Try out flashy neon jeans that come in psychedelic fluorescent colors that will add a heavy dose of scintillating colors to your New Year!
There you go, perky and frolicsome teenager! Time to be the new trendsetter as you steal some 2011 teen fashion trend ideas from above!

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