Don’t know where you should get inked? Why not start with something as small as a finger tattoo? Look through the article for some finger tattoo designs.

Finger Tattoos

One of the most delicate, yet meaningful branch of tattooing is finger tattoos. They could be in the form of a wedding band on the ring finger or simply a pattern tattooed on any part of the finger. The advantages of finger tattooing is that the tattoos can be made easily visible or hidden according to where it is inked, it cannot be stolen (if it is a wedding ring!), the bearer has a constant reminder of a person, place, thing or event that it symbolizes and it is a very comfortable accessory to have on. The only thing you have to remember is that since finger tattoos are pretty intricate, there are chances of flaws and more pain involved. The tattoo artist must be a good one for you to get exactly what you want! Taking care of a finger tattoo is quite easy. If you are looking to be unique, do away with tattoos on the arms, back, shoulders and ankle and get a finger tattoo! Read about some of the finger tattoo designs that you could use.
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Finger Tattoo Designs

Wedding Ring Tattoos
Tattoos made on the ring finger of the left hand are usually wedding tattoos. For this, most couples like to opt for the same design on each other’s hand. Usually it is a simple design in Celtic or tribal art, just to let the others know that they are married to each other. Designs could include initials of the better half, the date of the wedding, the words – “I do” or complementary tattoos such as a lock and key.
Personal Tattoos
This form of tattooing is the most popular form for it expresses the personality or individuality of the bearer. They could be words such as – love, faith, music, belief, truth, hope, dream etc or could just be symbols of peace, a heart (for love!), doves, yin and yang etc. It might either be something symbolic of what you believe in or something that has inspired you to move ahead in life. Personal tattoos are fashionable and yet complete. They can also be done in different fonts and colours.
Knuckle Tattoos
This is also a part of the finger and most men, and these days even women, like to get themselves inked at this place. Usually, these tattoos make sense only when both the hands are put together. Though a variety of patterns can be used, generally it is a wording of about 8 alphabets long (leaving out the thumbs on both hands!) such as Game Over, Self Made, Free Mind or God’s Will etc. Knuckle tattoos are a bold approach to life and can be visible all the time.
It is believed that in ancient times after the passing away of a near and dear one people got their fingers tattooed.  It is a way to remember the person as more than just a memory in their minds. Most probably, the tattoo used to be the name of the child, partner or spouse that has died. It symbolised that the person is there in spirit even though not present in real. These days it is done in beautiful fonts and lettering. Simple designs can be drawn around this to symbolize the gravity of the situation.
Vine Tattoos
These kinds of tattoos are fashionable and yet go ages back to the Roman era. Vines are symbolic of celebrations. Vine tattoos can be made of holly or cherry blossom even and look very graceful on slender fingers. 

The art of tattooing is not just fashionable or customary in nature nowadays. It has more to do with individual expression than anything else. And finger tattoos are gaining popularity for this reason itself. So, why wait, try one for you and your beloved!

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