Besides trimming your beautiful locks, there are also some effective suggestions on hair care for split ends. Dive deep to discover some useful tips to prevent split ends.

Hair Care For Split Ends

Everyone yearns for healthy and beautiful hair. But ironically, not a lot of us care for our hair in the appropriate way. Trichoptlosis, or split ends, is a hair problem faced by men and women alike. These occur when the protective cuticle layer gets worn-off from the tip of the hair strand. This leads to splitting of the hair into two or three strands each of a couple of centimeters length. If you try to pull it apart, it will split all the way up the shaft ruining the hair completely. Split ends make your healthy, lustrous head of hair look more like a dry paddy farm. A lot of women go for hairdos that can hide those rough and damaged ends. They go on trimming, trimming and trimming to remove all the splits and end up losing their hair length. Ladies, you need not be harsh with your crowning glory to remove these damaged hair ends. An understanding of how to prevent split ends and appropriate hair care methods will lead your way to healthy and lustrous hair.  

Tips To Prevent Split Ends

  • Trim Regularly. Just trimming one or two centimeters of the ends is the best way to check split-ends. You need not shorten the length this way and repeating this exercise once every 4–6 weeks will sure keep a check on split ends. It’ll also provide you with an organized and spick-and-span looking hair.
  • Condition them well. People with relatively dry or brittle hair are more prone to split ends. An excellent way to manage such hair is to condition them. After wash, apply a leave in conditioner or hair serum. Go for a deep conditioning treatment every week. You can also give yourself a hot oil hair treatment with olive oil. Massage your hair generously and then wrap your head with a damp towel (dipped in warm water and squeezed). Leave it for 30 minutes and wash.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling. Extreme heat styling is one of the major causes of damaged hair and split ends. Time to steer clear of blow drying, hair straighteners, curling irons, perms, hot curlers and any other treatments that expose the hair to excessive heat. Heat absorbs all the natural moisture in the hair, leaving it dry, and resulting in breakage and split ends. If you do use them, then treat them well with hot oil hair massage to make up for the loss.
  • Do not over wash your hair. Our hair has some natural oils that maintain its health and the natural moisture level of hair. Do not wash the hair more than required as the treatment of shampoo will strip away these essential oils and leave them rough and dry.
  • Avoid brushing while the hair is wet. Hair strands are the weakest when wet. Brushing wet hair will not only lead to hair loss, but also remove the cuticle from the strands. Allow it to dry naturally and then use a soft-bristled hair brush to comb gently.
  • Brush it the right way. If you are one of the followers of ‘brush 100 strokes a day’ myth, then please be advised that this is not true. Over-brushing can badly split the hair. While combing, begin at the bottom and gently proceed combing upwards. If there’s an entangled strand, use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to untangle it. Do not heave it off.
  • Avoid hairspray, hair bleach and hair dye. Hairspray coats the hair strands and stops them to obtain any moisture from the atmosphere. This leads to hair dehydration and hence split-ends. Also, using hair dye and hair bleach regularly weakens the hair, causing it to split when combed.
Preclusion of split-ends is not a one-time affair. Regular maintenance is what leads you to shiny, un-split hair. Follow these tips religiously to avoid split-ends and uphold your crowning glory.

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