Simple hair updos is an easy way to look stylish and beautiful. With this article, explore some easy updo hairstyles for short, medium and long hair.

Simple Updos

Girls are always excited to dress up for the coming party and start shopping for the same a week before. But, when it comes to hair styling, they are more than often befuddled as to what to opt for. Result, they either get a hairstyle that looks overdone or one that looks barely styled. If you have a party to attend in the coming days and are perplexed as to which hairstyle to opt for, go for simple updos. Whether it is a birthday party, prom night or even wedding, simple updos are the best to go with. The best aspect about this style is that it has something for every length of hair and has numerous options to choose from. Choosing the right hair updo involves looking at several aspects such as hair length, shape of the face and color of the hair. Here are some updos which are very simple and can make you look beautiful and gorgeous on the day of the event. Check out and make a pick.
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Easy Updos Hairstyles
For Long Hair
Messy Look
This updo is best for wavy and curly hair, but would look equally good on straight hair as well. Using a salt spray or hair mousse, give your hair a messy look. Once you are done with it, divide your hair into four equal parts. Take each section of hair you have divided and roll or twist it and tie it on the back. Do the same with the rest of the three and you are ready to go with the fabulous messy updo look.
French Twist
Need to attend an official dinner or a formal wedding? Go for French twist. This particular hairstyle gives a classy, clean and formal look to your appearance. All you need to do is divide your hair into two equal sections from the middle and start twisting one section of the hair from the front until you reach the ear. Secure your hair with a clip, and then repeat the same with other section. Tie the remaining hair together.
For Medium Length Hair
Half Updo
Before going for this updo, wash and condition your hair to get the best outcome. In this the hair are half tied and half open. With the help of the curling machine, curl your hair taking small sections. Finally, when all the hair has been curled, start fixing the small hair on the head with the help of the hair pins. Keep the longer strands of hair open. You can also go for some stylish accessories to make the style look stunning and elegant.
Five Minute Updo
Are you late and need to rush for a party? Though your dress, accessories and footwear are ready, you just don’t know what to do to your hair. Relax and take a breather for we have brought to your disposal a quick and easy hair style option. Apply hair mousse to your hair and blow dry them. Move the hair dryer in the downward direction. Then, create some uneven sections of your hair and start curling them. Once all the hair is curled, tie them with the decorative accessories. It is very simple hairstyle and takes less time.
For Short Hair
Bun Updo
To make this bun, tie all your hair in a pony tail at the middle of your back. Then start taking small portion of hair to curl it, by twisting it with your finger and securing the twisted strands with bobby pins. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the hair. Finally, secure the entire twisted hair strands around the rubber of the pony tail.
Curly Updo
If you have small and straight hair which can not be tied in a pony, then go for curly updo. It is very simple and makes you look unique and gorgeous. First of all curl the hair present at the bottom of your back head with a gel. Then start pulling your front hair at the back and secure them with bobby pins. After pulling all the hair, there will be some hair left in the middle of the back head untied. Start curling them in an outward direction. Spray your hair to fix the style for a longer duration.

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