Wondering how to get an hourglass figure and sport out your buoyant looks? Read on to get all the help on ways to get an hourglass shape and cast your spell!

How To Get Hourglass Figure

Hourglass figure is a body type exhibited by women with wide hips and busts that contrast exotically with a very slender waist. This forms a silhouette that appears more like an ancient hourglass; hence the name ‘hourglass figure’. Narrow waist is certainly regarded as a symbol of femininity and a curvy figure with broad hips and large bust line has been revered across cultures. Women all over the world crave for such a figure. While some of us are blessed with perfect model figures, a lot of us struggle to get to that hourglass mark. Unlike the 19th century, where women went to the extent of using corsets and other costumes to change their body shapes; we have in store for you, some very simple and effective ways to get in the desired shape. So girls, if you’ve got your body hugging t-shirt and are yearning to show it off with a lovely nipped-in waistline; then go through this piece of writing.
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Ways to Get an Hourglass Figure

  • Eat right. Do not eat anything that is fatty or can deposit under your skin and add to the abdomen weight. Cut down on sugar, processed food stuffs and foods high on carbohydrates.
  • Drink more water. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated and save yourself from the temptation to over eat at the same time.
  • Tone up your abdomen. Sit-ups and crunches are best at toning your abdomen muscles and giving you firmer and slender waist. Also practice side crunches to work on the oblique muscles along the sides of your waist and move another few steps closer to an hourglass figure.
  • Build the perfect ratio figure. Go for some strengthening exercises and weight lifting workouts to build up balanced upper and lower body parts. Exercise squats and lunges as they help a great deal in toning your entire body. You may also like to carry out some hand weight exercises that can help you tone your arms, back, shoulders and chest.
  • Start cardio exercises. At least 30 to 45 minutes of cardio exercise every day is guaranteed to enhance weight loss around the stomach as well as the entire body. Some great options of cardio exercises are walking, jogging and dancing.
  • Dress up right. Even the most desired celebrities who are known for their unique hourglass figurines have made use of clever padding and other costumes to highlight their bust to waist or hip to waist ratio. So, does that ring some bells? Ladies, you can go in for some padded bras or even falsies to give a fuller look to your breasts. In case you are struggling with a very large breast size, then try out some minimizer bras which will make the breasts appear far reduced than they actually are.
  • Women with very narrow hips can choose to wear padded briefs or artificial buttock padding and make them look the perfect size. In order to give a smaller look to your waist, you can go in for a number of slimming outfits like corset styled tops or high waisted garments. Simple, isn’t it?
With a dash of some clever clothing and a little padding here and there, you can achieve that much awaited hourglass figures without much hassle. But best for the long run would be if you can work out for your desired body type. That’ll not only make your body slimmer but will also add a sensuous glow to your skin.

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