Whether you are running late for an office meet or have a party to attend in the evening, these tips on how to cover blemishes should get you sporting a perfect complexion in no time.

How To Cover Blemishes

You are up for an impromptu office party and you just have an hour to deck up, and the last thing you would like to be seen in is sans any makeup at all. You dig deep into your tote and grab your makeup essentials. Lipstick! Check. Mascara! Check. Blusher! Check. But hey, wait! What about the gawking pimple that is staring at you right on your face? Before you crash down on the couch and press for emergency beauty aid, know that you can easily guise your pimple, acne, zits, whiteheads and even those disgusting looking blackheads just by a stroke of a concealer. Whether you have awful looking zits on your face or you don’t have enough time to remove those abominable blackheads, these sly camouflaging tips and techniques will help you cover-up the imperfections in pronto. Just keep a jar of foundation or soufflé (for daytime wear), a stick of concealer, a compact powder handy, and you will be good to take over your blemishes anytime and anywhere. Scroll down this article for all the handy tips on how to cover blemishes and faux perfect skin always.

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How To Conceal Blemishes
  • No matter how disgusting a spot looks, this concealment plan will make all your blackheads, zits and acne disappear in a snap. Take your makeup sponge, douse it in warm water and squeeze out the excess liquid. Ensure that the sponge is slightly moist and not overly damp to save your makeup from running down. Too much water on your face will give a patchy impression and will fail to cover your blemishes to perfection.
  • The first step to guise that nasty blotch is to dab it with some foundation. However, make sure that the foundation color complements your skin tone to T. Tap the damp sponge on the foundation and dab it on your face. This would enable the cover-up to adhere better. Using your fingertips spread out the foundation evenly across your face for a more even finish.
  • Now take a concealer and apply it evenly on your blemishes. However, make sure that the concealer you use blends well with your skin tone. Using a pale concealer would highlight your spots instead of hiding them. So, make sure you get your concealer right. Using a makeup sponge, dab the concealer over the blemishes and spread the concealer evenly over the blemish to cover the nooks and crannies. Also, don’t forget to pat the concealed area to blend the edges.
  • Using a powder brush, dust on some translucent powder on your face. Sweep the brush over the face powder and tap off gently to shake off the excess powder. Gently brush the powder onto your face, evenly covering your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose to set things in place.
  • Douse a cotton pad in cool water and squeeze out the excess liquid. Blot your face with the cotton pad to save the skin from looking dry and patchy.
Blemishes can turn even the prettiest of faces into an eyesore. Get rid of your acne, zits and dark patches in a snap with these basic techniques on how to cover blemishes and flaunt a perfect complexion always.

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