Curling is the easiest way to give the hair an entirely different look. Read below to know how to curl hair with a curling iron.

How To Curl Hair With A Curling Iron

Different hairstyles give a different look to the personality, which is why most women are seen flaunting a different hairstyle. For women with natural straight hair, giving their hair soft curls and bounce through curling is the quickest and easiest hairstyle that they can go for. Apart from adding charm and appeal, curling the hair has other advantages too. For example, those who are fed up of their thin hair can curl their hair to add more volume to the hair. And curling can be done with any hair texture and cut. Curls also make the hairstyle look attractive and so anyone looking for the easiest way to add glamour and style should go for curly hairstyles. Curling doesn’t take much time either. One can easily get luscious curls in half an hour to forty five minutes. Thus if one invests in a curling iron rest assured that it won’t gather dust. When any occasion demands that you look your best and in case you are pressed for time then just grab those curling irons and give your hair a new look. To help you get the most beautiful curls follow the tips given below on curling hair with a curling iron.

Curling Hair With A Curling Iron

  • First wash and then condition the hair. Then you should dry the hair thoroughly. Brush the hair so that you remove all the tangles.
  • Add a heat protector to the hair. This will protect the hair from fraying at high temperatures. Hair protectors also provide shine to the hair. After applying the hair protector brush the hair once more.
  • Separate the hair that you want to be curled in three sections and secure them with a ponytail holder.
  • Turn on the curling iron and let it heat up for several minutes. Make sure that you know how the iron works as there are different features for different curling irons.
  • When the curling iron heats up open it by placing the fingers around the handle and pushing the other part of the handle with the thumb.
  • Lift the hair that you want to curl with your thumb and at least half an inch from the roots and clip the curling iron.
  • Now slide the iron down the hair till the tip. Take care that you do not completely slide the iron off. When the iron is at the tip, curl it on the hair either outwards or inwards.
  • Continue to curl the iron till the top is reached. At the top hold the iron for ten seconds.
  • Then ever so gently uncurl the hair to a point where the hair doesn’t hold the curling iron shut when you press the thumb down again.
  • Remember that if you want to make the curls hold longer you should also uncurl the hair very slowly.
  • Then open and close the curling iron until it can be easily eased out of the hair. As soon as the curl is free from the curling iron you should use a bobby pin to pin it in place. Let it cool down completely before taking it down.
  • Do this for all the remaining hair sections that you want to be curled. Let the hair fall naturally and tousle the hair lightly with your fingers.
Those who think that curling can only be done in beauty parlors should go through the tips on curling hair with a curling iron. These tips will be very helpful in teaching how to curl hair using a curling iron.

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