When you simply can’t get your sebaceous glands to behave, these streamlined tips on oily face treatment will make you look pretty in pronto! To know more on oily face treatment, read on.

Oily Face Treatment

Does your face look slick and sticky all the time? Are you tired of battling the smudge and makeup meltdown? If you need coverage for your super-oily skin, then know that sweat-repellants, oil-free and cosmetics with low wax content can save your make up from blotching. However, if you need a permanent fix for your greasy skin, then opting for a rigorous skin care regime should put your skin woes to rest. While it is okay for your skin to feel a little steamy and gooey during the sweltering summers, living with sticky skin 24 x 7 can be a different story altogether. Oily skin is never really a happy sight! And the break outs, acne and zits can just tot up as a triple whammy. Oil glands tend to slog overtime producing excess oil. Result - gooey, dark, pimply skin! While it’s difficult to pull off a perfectly matte feel on your oily skin, you can at least strive for a flawless shimmer with little care and a few makeup tricks. Scroll down the following section on oily face treatment and treat your skin to some health and shine. 

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Treatment For Oily Skin
  • Unless you have super dry skin, you will have to slog hard to keep your oil glands from going haywire. However, that does not mean that you take over your skin with all your might and attack it with soaps and suds. While it’s important to keep your skin grease free, rinsing your skin too hard and too often will just cause it to rebel. Make sure that you use cleansing products that are especially formulated for oily skin. Picking the wrong products like a heavy cream-based cleanser would only make matters worse. Go for a foaming formula that is oil-free and is spiked with advanced ingredients to prevent blackheads, blocked pores and zits.
  • Your oil-prone skin can always put up with some extra exfoliation. So make sure you are generous with your scrubs and face loofahs. However, that doesn’t mean that you take on to scrub pads to buff your face every day. Using a mild, oil-free scrub twice a week is just good enough to leave you with a super-sexy skin.
  • Cleansing and exfoliating are good for your skin. However, when it comes to dealing with your goopy skin, you can always do away with some extra bit of care. Tea tree oil is a great remedy for oily skin. Not only does it help to reduce acne, but is the ultimate treatment against blackheads and whiteheads. Tea tree oil is non-greasy which makes it the best bet for oily skin. Clay masks also work wonders on oily skin, leaving it looking fresh, clean and truly wonderful.
  • Flare-ups and oiliness aren’t just limited to your cheeks, nose and forehead, but can raid your chest and back too! The numero uno way to bust blotchy, blemished, or bumpy body zits is to treat your body to some extra care. To clear up your back and chest, just grab acne fighting body exfoliator next time you step in the shower and scrub your body bigheartedly to clear your pores. Daily scrubbing should remove the dead-skin build-up from your body leaving it in tip-top shape in no time.
  • If your skin looks and feels oily even during the day, make sure that you touch up your skin with a little matte polish before you step out. A light layer of face powder would help to absorb the skin oils and your face would feel less greasy. It is also important for you to lock down your make up. So always opt for water-proof, powdery, long-lasting cosmetic products.

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