Mineral makeup works really well for oily skin, by absorbing the excess oil and keeping it looking fresh and non-greasy. Explore the article to find some valuable mineral makeup tips for oily skin.

Mineral Makeup For Oily Skin

Finding the most suitable type of makeup for oily skin is a daunting task. Although there are various types of cosmetics available for the particular skin type, most of them impart a very greasy appearance and only serve to enhance oil on the skin. If you have yet not succeeded in finding the right makeup material for your oily skin, mineral makeup may be your call. It is made of natural ingredients and is devoid of the harsh chemical ingredients and fragrances. Mineral makeup doesn’t block the pores of oily skin, like the other makeup types and also absorbs excess oil and shine. Read on to know some valuable mineral makeup tips for oily skin.
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Mineral Make Up Tips For Oily Skin
Mineral makeup can be either found in the form of loose powder or as pressed powder, cream and liquid formations. Below given are some tips on what mineral makeup products to use and how to use.
Finishing/Setting Powder
Usually, the mineral based foundations are formulated to be versatile enough to suit all skin types. As such, moderate or no oil controlling ingredients are used in their formulation. However, certain mineral makeup products are custom-made to suit certain skin types. For instance, mineral setting or finishing powders can be used for added oil control. Since mineral setting powders are translucent in nature, they serve as a great touching up product for oily skin.
Oil Control Powders
Some oil control primers are available in mineral form, which work very well on being applied before the foundation. However, the point to remember is that they should not be applied in excess. Over application will make your skin look heavily coated and unnatural. Scars, lines and pores would also be visible because it will soak all the oil from the skin, making it look dry. Use a fluffy brush to apply mineral oil control primers, to make them sheer. 
Sandwich Method
Sandwich method is suitable for extra-oily skin, which involves application of mineral setting powder before and after a layer of mineral foundation has been applied to the skin. First, the primer is applied and then a very thin layer of mineral setting powder is coated, using a powder brush. Afterwards, the mineral foundation is applied using a kabuki brush. Thereafter, mineral concealer can be applied, if required. Another layer of mineral foundation is to be applied to cover up everything in a solid layer. Finally, a very thin layer of mineral setting powder is yet again applied, which helps in the absorption of excess oil from the skin, besides preventing the foundation from becoming stickier as the day passes.
Blotching Before Retouching
If you are not being able to find a mineral finishing powder for your oily skin, you can retouch the makeup, though it will require some time. It needs to be taken care of that the skin is blotted first, with the help of a blotting paper. This will remove the oil that has appeared on the skin over time. Then, apply a fresh layer of mineral finishing powder on the skin. You skin will be harmed, if you apply the finishing powder without blotting the excess oil, as the oil and dirt will bind with the finishing powder, in turn blocking the pores.

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