Oily skin, at times, can prove to be quite a turn off. Plough through this article to build for yourself blocks of familiarity with the causes of oily skin.

Oily Skin Causes

When you are looking to look pretty, oily skin can be a bane and the trouble begins when you make attempts to make your skin look less oily, but fail miserably. As far as the standards that are to be met for good looking skin goes, you can never really meet the same if your skin is too oily. To set right this problem, it is important to understand the causes that revolve around the predicament of oily skin; this is what will help you get the better of the same. Take the time and read on to uncover the causes of oily skin. If you just happen to suffer from oily skin, don’t just stop at reading, you can go right ahead and work on nullifying the causes of oily skin. It, however, must be mentioned here that some of the causes of oily skin are behind your control, while working on the rest really depends on how much of efforts you are willing to take to set right what went wrong.

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Causes Of Oily Skin
  • When a person suffers from oily skin, you cannot really point fingers at him or her. This is because he really has no part to play in the blame. Here, the reason behind a person suffering from oily skin can be solely hereditary. This may especially be the case when a concerned family, from generation to generation has been suffering from oily skin. So, in this case, the genes of a person can be blamed for his or her oily skin.
  • The hormones of a person can play a huge role in determining how oily the skin of a person is or how oily the skin of the same person can be. During the stages of adolescence, a person experiences an increase in the levels of sex hormones, which in turn results in oily skin.
  • In women, the menstruation cycle can be established as a cause for oily skin. Why is this the case? This is the case because ‘delayed type hypersensitivity’ (DTH) levels are affected during the menstrual cycle. It is the change in DTH levels that can lead to the issue of oily skin in women.
  • In women again, pregnancy and menopause can be established as causes of oily skin. It is the hormonal imbalance that occurs during the stages of pregnancy and menopause that results in oily skin. Most women may not know this, but even birth control pills can cause oily skin. This is because birth control pills comprise what it takes to alter hormonal balances and this in turn results in the issue of oily skin.
  • If you haven’t realized it yet, it’s time you do, the food you eat, to a larger extent, determines how oily your skin can look. It is a known fact that people who go overboard on junk food are more likely to suffer from oily skin as opposed to people who follow a balanced diet. So, if you are looking to sail away from the woes of oily skin, a healthy and balanced diet is really the way to go!
  • People who live in places that are extremely hot suffer from oily skin and that is as good as a fact. This only means that hot weather can safely be established as a cause of oily skin. Why is this so? Well, this is so because hot and humid weather can stimulate oil gland secretion which in turn will lead to oily skin.
  • Apart from the climate of a particular place, pollution too can be established as a cause of oily skin. Oily skin is extremely sensitive to pollution, making pollution quite a prominent cause of oily skin.
  • This one applies to the women who use more of cosmetics than they should. Using low quality and oil-based cosmetics to enhance looks can lead to oily skin. To rid yourself of oily skin, make it a point to stay away from cheap cosmetics and cosmetics that almost only oil based.

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