Leg warmers are great for winters. If worn the correct way, leg warmers make you look fashionable as well. Learn how to wear leg warmers in this article.

How To Wear Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are great for winters; not only do they protect us from cold winter winds, but also help us look fashionable and chic. Leg warmers were developed after watching the ballet dancers wear them to protect their calf region of the legs. Especially designed leg warmers also protect the belly dancers from slipping. A rage of the 1980’s, their fashion has come back all over again. Leg warmers are much like socks, only difference being they are made of thicker fabric and do not have foot. Traditionally made out of the wool, today leg warmers are available in different fabrics like cotton, synthetic, etc. Leg warmers are not just worn in winters, but have become a major style statement to be worn for all the weathers. From kids to adults, everyone’s loves to wear them today. The length of the leg warmer varies, according to people’s choice. Agreed, leg warmers provide great comfort and protection, but one should know the right way to wear them. If worn incorrectly, they tend to make the person look uncoordinated and foolish. Here are some tips for wearing leg warmers in the right way. Go ahead and flaunt yourself!
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Wearing Leg Warmers
  • If you are planning to wear heels over leg warmers, then it is best to carry them with denim. It enhances the class of the whole attire. Ensure that they cover the top of the shoes in the way that only heels and toes are visible.
  • For the punk look, wear the leg warmers with a nice pair of boots. Pairing them with a ripped jeans and vest will make you sexier. Push the legwarmers towards the ankle and make sure that only heel of the shoes and your toes are visible.
  • If you are getting ready for a happening party, then wear the leg warmers with a good pair of leggings. Ballet shoes will look awesome on this look. 
  • For an androgynous look, wear the leg warmers with skinny jeans. Team them up with sneakers for a perfect look.
  • If you are wearing leg warmers on a pair of jeans, then you can go for the classy look. Wear the sweater of same color as the leg warmer. Put slip on-heels on them in a way that the bottom of the leg warmer covers the top of your shoes.
  • To give a grunge look, wear the leg warmers with hiking boots and ripped jeans. Team it up with a rumpled shirt with a vest. You can add an extra charm to the look with denim jacket. Push your leg warmers as far towards the ankles as they go. The leg warmer must be positioned just at the top of the boots.
  • To give the popular classic look of 80’s, wear the leg warmers with a pair of spandex pants. Team it up with an oversized men’s shirt. Couple the whole look with a classy belt at the waist. Mix and match the colors for a perfect look.
  • If you are planning to wear mini/short dress, then wear the leg warmers as a thigh high look. Do not wear high heels on this attire. Go for a beautiful pair of flats or small heel shoes. Stretch your legwarmers past your knees and let the bottom of the warmer rest just below the ankles. 
  • You can also put on two pairs of leg warmer complimenting each other. Also, get the whole layered look by wearing stretch pants and a mini skirt. Do not go for multi colors. Instead, stick to one single theme of colors. Scrunch up to your desired length.
Wearing leg warmers has become much easier with these ways on how to wear leg warmers, isn’t it? Go ahead and flaunt your fashion statement in various looks with these leg warmers.  

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