A professional hairstyle is important if you are looking for a job or want to market yourself to a well-deserved promotion. Check out hairstyle ideas for business professionals in this piece.

Professional Hairstyles

Did you know that to get your dream job or compel your boss to hand over a promotion letter, all you need to do is change your hairstyle? Sounds strange, isn't it? A simple alteration in your haircut can change the way you are being perceived by the world. And when you need to pull out all the stops, a haircut isn’t really a big deal. Consider an actor trying out a new role. The same rule applies to haircuts, especially in the professional world. However, you just can’t pick up any hairstyle you like while browsing through a magazine as there are several factors that go into deciding the perfect hairstyle that peps up your look and appeal. The type of job you are involved into and the kind of lifestyle you are leading outside the workplace are just a few of them. Thus, choosing the apt haircut for your type requires time as you cannot alter haircuts just like you change your clothes. Check out the different hairstyles listed herein for office and business professionals that you can consider giving a try.
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Professional Hairstyle For Office & Business
For Men
Gentleman’s Cut
Amongst all the haircuts that men don in the professional world, the gentleman’s cut is the most popular. Due to its versatility, it can be worn with a part on either side, a middle part and feathered appearance on the side, without any partition, or a slightly tousled, textured look. However, the length of the hair should not exceed 2 inches on all sides. As such, you have to visit your hair stylist every six to eight weeks to maintain the look.
Near Shag
If you cannot live without your long locks, the near shag style will save you parting away from them. The near shag style includes hair measuring around 3-5 inches in length as long as the hair does not touch the collar. The ears are partly visible, while the hair is styled in tangled, non-restrained manner. However, this style may not be accepted by all workplaces. But to maintain this cut, you need to visit the hair stylist every 2 to 3 months.
The cropped, neat, and well-maintained cut is what most men prefer opting for at workplaces. The hair at the nape of the neck is very short which gradually increases while moving towards the top of the head. To keep this haircut, apply some amount of styling product. And although maintaining this style on a daily basis is simple, one has to visit a salon to keep up its length and neatness. As such, the stylist should be visited every 2-4 weeks.
For Women
Short Hairstyles
For those who find it difficult handling long hair, a short haircut is the best option. Though it’s easy to keep it off your face, you need to dedicate considerate time towards its styling, using styling products and/or heat. The classic bob is an appropriate look. You can leave the front long while stacking the back for a more modern look. To soften a severe bob, try creating soft curls towards the bottom. You can also opt for a bold and chic pixie cut, face-framing layers, or short and spiky hair, depending upon your work background.
Medium Hairstyles
A simple chin-length hairstyle is the perfect haircut for women with medium-length hair. Apart from being easy to maintain, you can style them in multiple ways. Wear your hair up and down using clips. Make a modern French twist pulling your back hair into a ponytail. Or sweep your hair back into a loose bun, allowing some tendrils to fall off your face on both sides. You can even style your medium curly hair into a professional look by applying gel or styling product.
Long Hairstyles
Long hair can be styled in numerous ways. Braid them into a French twist or bun. Pull them back in a professional ponytail for a sophisticated office look. If you wish to leave them down, get them styled in curls or straight layers. Set your hair with rollers the previous night. Remove the rollers in the morning and blow dry on low setting. Set your hair with a hair brush and finish off with applying some hair spray. And if you’re running out of time, tie your hair in a ponytail, roll it up around itself, and secure it with bobby pins. Makes a neat ballerina bun!
That’s all folks! Hope these professional haircut ideas help you keep your look current and marketable. Select a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle and profession to take you miles ahead.

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