Who says only a woman’s wedding dress is important? This article shows some men’s wedding attire and wedding dresses for men which will amaze you!

Men’s Wedding Attire

You are a groom but, no one is making a fuss in choosing your clothes or decking you up for the wedding. Why? Because you could probably look better without their help! So, take this article in your stride and look dashing in your suit/sherwani and make heads turn at the wedding! The confusion of picking your attire lies in the right colour, fit, size, brand and fabric. You definitely want to look your best on your big day! Western weddings consist of wearing suits and depend on the season and time of the wedding. Indian wedding wardrobe for men mostly includes either a ‘sherwani’ or a ‘Jodhpuri suit’ (which is a traditional looking three piece suit). If it is a simple piece of clothing that you choose for the wedding then you could accessorize this with a bow tie, a silk handkerchief, cuff links, a tie pin etc. There are several tips that you could get from the next section!
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Wedding Dress For Men
  • If it is a winter wedding, use dark colours as they bring some life into the dull weather. Wool is a good fabric to invest in, obviously because of the cold! Typical church wedding attire for this season would be: a formal shirt and tie, a cashmere V-neck sweater over this and a blazer at the end. If you want to avoid the sweater, then you could invest in a dressy shirt or tie and show them off!
  • Day and night also matters in this aspect. For an evening wedding, a dark suit/tuxedo would be appropriate. The unwritten rule of a tuxedo is that it is never worn before 5:00 PM! If you are simply attending the wedding, then looking semi formal will also bring out a great personality and for this you can adorn yourself in a blazer, slacks and a tie.
  • By individually making a checklist of all the do and don’ts, you get a clearer picture of how you should turn up! Shirts can be semi-formal or formal (formal preferred) but casual is a strict no-no. You obviously can’t wear t-shirts! Even when attending the wedding as a guest, you could wear light coloured full sleeved shirts in a button down pattern. Youngsters can wear bright colours. Pants are usually well fitted and in shades of grey, dark blue, black or brown. Avoid any other colour.
  • The location of the wedding is important in determining dressing style – church weddings definitely differ from a wedding on the beach! Therefore, dress appropriately.
  • Things to avoid on your foot: canvas shoes, tennis shoes or anything that looks casual! Opt for those black leather/formal black shoes that would match any occasion, and especially your big day, well. Keep them clean and shiny too!
  • Indian weddings are very stylish as well as pompous and both the bride and groom take a lot of pain in decking up. The only thing to be aware of is not to look too loud. For some subtlety and class, a delicately embroidered sherwani that is tightly fitted (preferably at knee length) would look great! Fabrics from brocade and terry wool are obvious choices, however, you can experiment with other materials also. Usually they are paired with chudidar pyjamas.
  • A very interesting combination is mixing both Indian and Western for an elegant and traditional appearance. For this purpose, a Jodhpuri suit would do the trick! They are available in all colour combinations and you can get them tailored to fit. It is usually seamlessly adorned with embroidery and matched to individual dressing tastes.
A man’s wedding attire is thus put together in the article above and hopefully it looks great on you too!

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