Women all over the world are adorning their tresses in French braid style. If you too want to flaunt this style, browse through the article and learn how to do it.

How To Do A French Braid

Ironic as it might sound, though popularly known as a French braid, the style did not originate from France. And least of what you would expect, the French themselves refer to the braid by a different name. Nevertheless, keeping these astonishing yet true facts aside, to women who love styling their hair, the French plait or braid is the way to go for. Unlike the English braid, where the three sections of hair meet at the head scalp, in the French braid the hair is divided into three sections which begin from the head crown. Also, it looks far more intricately done than Normal English braid. A French braid should be done in such a way that every overlapping strand of hair is in its place and is tightly held together. You may highlight the plaits with colorful clips or ribbons. Doing multiple French braids on the head is also one of the latest fashion trends. However, not many know the process to do a French braid by themselves. Most of us usually visit the salon for the purpose. But why spend those hard-earned bucks in an overpriced salon when you can get the same effect at home? Given below is step by step process of doing a French braid. Whether it's a skirt, a tunic or a sari, the French braid looks good with almost anything.
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Steps To Do French Braid
  • Untangle your hair and remove all the knots using a wide-toothed comb. Remember, combing properly is very important, as tangles would prevent a good French braid.
  • Divide the hair into three sections using your fingers from the point of your head where you want the French braid to begin. A French braid normally begins from the top of the head, but you may also choose to start making plaits from your mid head.
  • Use your index and middle fingers while separating the hair into three strands.
  • The rightmost strand should be placed over the middle strand. In the process, the rightmost strand shifts from the right hand to the left hand.
  • Similarly, the left strand also has to be placed over the middle strand.    
  • Now that your right hand is empty, gather some more hair from the right side of your head to repeat the previous process.
  • Similarly when the left hand is empty, some hair from the left part of the head is to be gathered in the left hand.
  • The process of placing hair from the left and right strands on the middle strand is repeated until the entire French braid is made.
  • You may chose to do the plait till the end of hair tip or till the middle.
  • The end of the braid is to be tied by a clip, a ribbon or a band.
Though this is the easiest step by step process to do a French braid, getting the perfect braid may not be possible in your first attempt. The French braid is a matter of practice, the more you do the better will your plait look. Needless to say, a French braid looks the best in long hair, because more the space more intricate will your plaits be.

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