Got a prom to attend tonight? Steer through this article and perfect your prom dress with a trendy short hairstyle. Find ideas for short hair prom styles herein.

Short Hair Prom Styles

Your elegant and classy gown is ready. You’ve purchased a pair of stylish shoes to suit your dress perfectly. You have decided your jewelry, accessories, and even picked up the right hand bag for the occasion. But when it came to deciding the hairstyle to sport for the prom night in the evening, all hell broke loose. Totally confused, an idea for a stylish hairdo simply evaded your thought-process. Understand that with just a little bit of creativity, you can get an oomph-full and charismatic hairstyle for a bashing and dashing party with all your folks. After all, wouldn’t you want people to turn their heads and grab another glimpse of your chic and cool hairstyle that fits your dress and your persona with precision? Now if you scroll through fashion magazines, you will find a plethora of classic hairstyles for prom nights. But sadly, most of them talk about playing with long hair or at least medium length hair, neatly combing them into an elegant hairdo, completed with sequins, tiara, or other sparkling baubles. Definitely exudes a gorgeous, feminine look, huh! But, what if you don't have those pretty long tresses? Aren't you eligible for that gorgeous look? Well, the answer is you are. What's more, you don't have to worry about the style type also, for there are a number of hairdos that you can try on your short hair. Wondering how? Read further and grab the most stylish and coolest hairstyle that suits your attire the best. Get ready to play with your hair and enhance your overall formal look, with élan and sophistication.
Short Hairstyles For Prom
Pixie Cut
If you think we are going to suggest you to pull off a pixie cut, or the famous boy cut, for a prom night, then you’ve read it right. Though it is one of the hardest hairstyles to flaunt at a formal event, know that that delicate look of yours would surely make guys flatter and fascinate you. Now that’s exactly what you want at the prom night, right? The pixie cut gives your face more space to sport, thereby bringing out a chic and civilized look.
Textured Short Cut
If you have short hair that runs on your face and behind your neck, then you can surely experiment with a textured short cut. Though short in length, this hairdo provides your hair with a lot of texture and layer. A kind of bob cut, this hairstyle takes a step forward towards sweeping the hair to the front, covering almost your entire forehead. Once sported, you will find this hairdo feasible and easy to prepare for all kinds of prom nights, parties, and other casual events.
Layered Short Cut
Layered short cut is a basic bob cut that speaks volume and lots of layering. Similar to the textured short cut, this hairdo sports more of layers rather than just texture and long side bangs. Apply some styling gel to damp hair and style your short hair as per your desire. Wear it with full volume or straight and sleek. Or for a more romantic appeal, curl your entire hair or just the bangs and side flicks. The style that you flaunt will determine your boldness and persona.
Short Hairdo with a Fringe
Another short hairstyle that is sure to turn heads and look hot for a prom night is a hairdo with a fringe. Sweet, simple, cute, and chic, this style starts off with lightly sweeping off the fringes to one side and separating the front section from the rest of the hair by resting an elegant tiara. This adds a touch of formal look and complements your attire perfectly. Even with short hair, many women find managing their locks to be a difficult task. But this hairstyle surely takes the cherry on the cake as it is easy to set and does not take long. Give your prom colleagues another reason to envy such a unique and sophisticated look, apart from the dress and accessories you are carrying.
The absence of a perfect hairstyle can leave your entire outfit and personality lost somewhere in the crowd of the prom night. Then what are you waiting for? With so many short prom hairstyles at your end, pick up the best one that fits your face cut. Enhance your hair with appropriate hair jewels, tiaras, and flowers, and get ready to set the prom night on fire. Good luck and happy partying!

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