There are different prom hairstyles that can be styled out of long hair. Given below is a list of some very popular long hair prom hairdos.

Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

Promenade, commonly known as prom, is a formal black-tie event held towards the end of junior or senior year. The junior prom is generally held for those completing their 11th grade, while the senior prom is for those finishing their high school. The event is given utmost importance in the States and Canada. With globalization and the interchange of culture, prom nights are gradually gaining more importance in the other parts of the world as well. Preparations for the “big night” start months ahead and everyone gets busy trying to look the best. Whether it is the “rosy red’ or the “pretty pink” or a simple elegant black dress, girls are particularly apprehensive about the occasion. The event is also important for the guys who try to look classy and sleek in their designer suits.
Coming down to a girl’s look on the prom, deciding on the hairstyle is as important as deciding on the prom costume itself. It gives the finishing touch to your prom look and should be just perfect for the occasion. Whether it is the stylish classy look that you want to don or the flirty carefree style, there is prom hairdo out there that will suit your features and your outfit. There are innumerous prom hairstyles for long hair that could be set very easily, without spending money and time in a salon. All you need for this is some easily available materials like styling gel, rollers, curlers, styling clips and hair brushes and get ready to create a unique and exquisite prom hairstyle for the big event.
Popular Long Hair Prom Hairdos 
  • A very popular prom hairstyle for long hair is the “sleek half up do” pattern that looks great on people with straight hair. Even if you have curly locks, you can make use of straightening balms and iron to create this elegant and stylish prom look.
  • Who wouldn’t want to have those “wistful waves” hairstyle that has never failed to knock boys off their feet! This hairstyle mainly involves light wavy curls, starting from the neck, towards the ends of the hair and allowing the remaining portion to be straight and smooth.
  • A mild variation of the “wistful waves” is the “added apparel” hairdo, where an elegant bobby pin is attached just below the crown of the head. The remaining section of hair is curled by using hot rollers or curlers.
  • Another prom hairdo that will never fail to make heads turn is the classic “retro bun” style. This hairstyle goes best with dress and gowns of low neckline or even with a corset. Carefully set your hair with ample of hair spray, a large roller or a large barrel curling iron and give your hair a bit of height and volume. You can even drop down two delicate tendrils, lightly curling them to frame your face.
  • Another prom hairstyle is the “stylish bang” pattern, which looks great on people with eye skimming straight bangs. This style is very easy to don with the remaining tresses being twisted loosely, to give a carefree look.
  • The “tied up” look is a recent and chic addition to the long hair prom hairstyles, where the long tresses are flipped over the shoulders. The entire hair length is curled up loosely and the locks are back brushed and pinned at the nape of the neck. The remaining hair is allowed to flow freely down.

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