Caught short on ideas to style your short hair? Read this article about braids for short hair and rediscover hairstyling!

Braids For Short Hair

In the midst of a ceaseless tug of war between men and women, fighting for appreciation of their likes and dislikes, if there’s one thing that stands on its own despite of all the fire play, its hair. Both the sexes would agree that love for their hair is the only thing that would make them go for the ceasefire. It’s the most important facet of their personality and is looked after with extreme care and concern. It’s precisely the reason why many of us keep experimenting with different hairstyles, each one of which brings out our personality in a different way. One such technique or style is braiding, which involves setting apart the hair into various strands and then weaving them together into a pattern to form a hairstyle. Although it started as a popular hairstyle among the women in African region where it was and still is common to keep braided hair as it allows their scalps to breathe under the scorching heat but by the end of 20th century it became quite popular among the European and American countries, including men. If you too feel inclined to give braided look a chance, go ahead. They’re a great way to sport your hair during the summers and all the more better if you have short hair, for it will make your hair free from daily handling and will give them some time by themselves. Read further to know about different short hair braids that you can keep.
Braid Hairstyles For Short Hair
Crown Braid
A beautiful looking crown braid for your hair that’ll make you look like a Greek goddess! It’s a great braided style you can have with chin length hair. The crown like braid will give out an illusion of a closed loop like formation with no beginning or an end. A perfect braid to wear on a party!
Cornrow Braid
A common African-American braided hairstyle, cornrow is a traditional braided hairstyle that requires multiple thin braids to be formed. It is a popular braid among both men and women. However creating these thin multiple braids can be a painful experience as it requires braids to be worn as close to the scalp as possible. Moisturize your hair properly before giving yourself a cornrow braid.
Horizontal Braid
Another distinct way of creating a style statement out of short hair is by making horizontal braids. It requires hair to be braided from ear to ear instead of braiding them in top down position and by tucking in a short tail of braided hair underneath the braids. It’s also a unisex braided hairstyle and is quite popular.
Zigzag Braid
Another good way to perk up a short hairdo is by making a zigzag braid with it. Using a comb, first part the hair into zigzag formation, instead of straight one and then braid in the direction of the parted hair. It is also a braided style with which you can experiment with different zigzag formations and give yourself a different look each time.
You don’t have to go a professional stylist whenever you want to reinvent your hairstyle. With these short hair braids, you can try out different looks and sort out which one suits you the best. Happy Braiding!

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