The genesis of much of the fashion that we see today goes back to ancient Greek. Read this article to know more about modern Greek fashion and designs.

Modern Greek Fashion

The simpler times of the yore often become a statement of some sort in the years that follow. It’s only when time passes by quietly do people realize that what went by was truly unique. A perfect example of this is the modern day dresses that are adorned and adored by celebrities and commoners alike; walking the red carpet and being the highlight of the parties with praises flying from all around, without realizing that it was the Greeks who did it. Yes, much of the highly-festooned fashionable clothing range that now stands as a style statement was once simple clothing worn by ancient Greeks. And though it has become a style statement of today, the clothing of ancient Greeks was nothing more than being simplistically practical yet elaborate. And one thing that is to be noted is comfort was never compromised on any stage. Drapes, tunics, himations, jewelry, sandals, and much more, were a part of Greek’s clothing culture. But most of the Greek influences on clothing that we see today are in case of fashion for women and not for men. In the following lines, you’ll read about how the fashion of ancient Greek has left a mark on the fashion of modern times.
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Modern Greek Clothing
Drape Patterns
Drapes were an integral part of Greek clothing and were worn by both men and women, fastened with pins and brooches. The fashion of drapes went through dark ages until it was brought back to light again, in 20th century with dresses and evening gowns that had pleats at the waistline and below the neckline. However, today, wearing drapes is limited only to women. It adds an elegant touch to the dress, enhancing the femininity of the wearer. The demand of drape dresses run high and many celebrities can be seen walking the red carpet wearing them.
One Shoulder Dresses
The timeless one shoulder dresses are in and here to stay. Many designers believe that one shoulder dresses are conservatively sexy and a perfect way to make a bold fashion statement without going overboard or looking sleazy. Its unique asymmetrical style makes it suitable for women of all body types and accentuates the shoulders and collar bones. The adaptability of these dresses makes them a good combination even if worn with denims or as standalone gowns. What’s best is that the one shoulder dresses are perfect as summer wears.
Gladiator Sandals
It was the official footwear of the great gladiators that fought inside the colosseum. Now, it is only a recent trend, but is catching on the popularity chart fairly quickly. With many modifications being made to them, they now are available in variety of styles, sizes, and colors, thus, allowing you to choose according to your own personal style. Airy and comfortable, gladiator sandals make for an apt footwear choice for the blazing summer months. Go through the store of any fashion house and you are likely to spot a pair that goes in accordance to your style. What's more, gladiator sandals go well with anything, be it jeans, shorts, skirts, maxi, and of course, drapes and one shoulder dresses.
Jewelry with Greek Motifs
Jewelry was an inseparable part of ancient attire and time and again, their designs and complexities have inspired designers of the present times to come up with equally intricate yet simple designs that heightens the sense of fashion to an elegant level. The jewelry of Greece has long been known for the classic look: the motifs of the Greek mythology such as Gods and Goddesses like Aphrodite, Nike, Artemis, and Isis on pieces of jewelry; and is characterized by the use of semi precious and precious stones. The brightly imbued bangles with a potential to enhance the look of any outfit and style is one trend bearing Greek inspirations that is in today.
Jeweled Headbands
Are you fond of the jeweled headbands that not only keep the hair from falling but add a surreal charm to the beauty of one who wears it? Well, it too has been inspired from the Greek tradition of wearing floral headbands around the head. The trend of wearing jeweled headbands is fast catching up and is becoming popular in many countries, though wearing it is limited only to special occasions. It has, however, become a must-wear item for the brides on their wedding day.
These were a few examples of Greek influence in fashion of today. The inspirations are continuously being drawn and the styles are here to stay for good. Choose one that suits the fashionista in you best!

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