Go retro with 1950’s clothing! Here are some 50’ clothing styles that will get you grooving to a different day and age!

1950s Clothing

“I don't want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic” Blanche Du Bois wasn’t speaking of her own illusions here, but the illusions of an entire generation. She was talking about that tired, beaten down by war generation who just needed a reason to break free and the 1950s was when it all began. It was that sappy romantic post war period, when the world seemed like a bright bundle of joy; more like a treasure chest across a rainbow. It was that time in the history of the world when hope had invaded the minds of the people and they were prepared for new beginnings. Change was slowly showing its pretty face in every aspect of life. Clothing was one of the first things to experience gradual metamorphosis. With idols like Brando, JFK, and Miss Monroe, the 1950s clothing is definitely something to take a dig out of. If you are planning a retro style party or are invited to one of those whacky theme parties then here are some 1950s clothing styles that will definitely make heads turn.
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1950s Clothing Fashion 
  • A 1950s style barbeque party calls for real simple clothing. You could wear a 50s style blouse, a white peasants blouse or rhinestone studded shirts with "lost in the fifties" appliqués and other fifties emblems. To go with the blouse you could wear a poodle skirt. The poodle skirt comes in vibrant colors. A bow in the same color and dashing red lips will make you look like a lassie with classy chassis.
  • Betty Paige is the diva you just can’t get enough of; break some hearts in that retro party by dressing up in “Shipmate” style. Adorable nautical inspired dresses can be adorned in both; a form fitting pencil dress as well as with a full swing skirt. A pencil dress, as the very name suggests tapers down, thin and long like a pencil. For those of you who have put on a couple of extra pounds, a full swing skirt looks equally classy.
  • A classic 1950s bombshell “wiggle” dress is another hot favorite that will surely make a couple of jaws drop with you forcing them shut with an insolent stroke on the chin. It is a classic 50s dress that moulds to every curve.
  • Another style that engulfed the 1950s was the Chanel suit. The Chanel suit was all about a collarless jacket teamed with a skirt that went slightly below the knees. Women loved this elegant and sophisticated look. If you too are into subtle dressing then this is the look for you.
  • Sweaters in the fifties were quite a rage and fur was something women just couldn’t say no to. Grab yourself a cashmere sweater with a mink collar along with sexy push-up pants. This look is bound to make you look like a real cutie. The sweaters can be in either vibrant colors or you can go with all black.
  • For men the “Marlon Brando look” is the way to go. You could get yourself something like a short leather jacket that Brando sported in most of his movies. Team that with a white t-shirt and a rugged looking pair of denims and you will have women swooning into your arms.
  • If you are the intellectual sorts, wear polo shirts, cardigan sweaters, and wool suits. If brawn is not your forte you could always charm them with some good humor or that suavely sophisticated look which most women dig.
  • If it is a pool party, then 1950s swimwear also has loads to offer. This was a period when revealing swimsuits had just made an appearance on the scene. You could get yourself stretch fabrics and strapless swimwear in flowered patterns.

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